If you thought English teaching was confined to the classroom, think again.

We love what we do in English Language Teaching (ELT) at Pearson, because we get to work in lots of different types of classrooms around the world. Every day we look at ways of combining content, assessment, technology and services to help all teachers and students across the world teach, learn and practise their English skills.

We believe in all kinds of learning, delivered at any time, in any place through materials of the highest quality, that help you do what you do best. Teach. Whether you’d like to browse through award winning English teaching materials or if you know a specific title, we can help.

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For more than 20 years, Pearson ELT has been leading the way in English learning. We offer seven different categories of English courses including Primary, Secondary, General English, Business English, Exam preparation, English skills and professional development. With many courses, we also offer extra practice activities for students. Look up your course on the ELT student resources index page.

English learning and teaching tools

Everything you need to make English teaching easier is available through Pearson:

  • Longman dictionaries available in 40 titles, they’re easy to understand, improve communication skills and develop natural English.
  • Pearson English Readers are popular stories films and TV shows rewritten to motivate English learners. Plus every title comes with teaching support material and sample downloads.
  • Digital learning tools encompass a wide arrange of options from eBooks to apps, online practice to tests and everything in between, your needs are covered.

Assessing English skills

One option to test English skills is Progress, a set English assessment tests taken at the beginning, middle and end of an English programme. At each stage, the result indicates a learner’s score on the Global Scale of English – highlighting strengths and which GSE Learning Objectives need further work.

Another option is PTE Academic, an English test to prove language proficiency that learners can take to study abroad or for an immigration visa. Results are aligned to both the and the Global Scale of English and CEFR. The test is accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD; and approved by the Australian Government for visa applications.

You can also view a comprehensive matrix of English language test preparation materials available from Pearson. We help you by aligning the list to your students’ needs, the type of test preparation material you’re looking for and features of each product. Explore the English language test preparation list.