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Mindfulness for Educators

Take a deeper look at how mindfulness improves the lives and learning of your students

Course length
5 hours

Course access
3 months


Course Overview
Leave autopilot mode behind. This course will gently guide you through how to be calmer and make decisions with an open mind.  
Explore practical applications and focused on tools and techniques you can instantly use in your classroom to create a supportive, nurturing learning environment.  
  • These 4 learning modules explore using mindfulness techniques, to benefit yourself and your students
  • 4 weeks of learning, broken into bite sized chunks to fit around your busy schedule
  • More relevant than ever before to outcome the stresses and worries in today’s ever-changing environment
Course Structure
4 modules of content intended to be completed over 4 weeks
  • Coming off autopilot
  • Coming back to the body
  • Moving away from striving
  • Relating to thoughts differently
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  • Aspiring, new or practicing teachers across all ages and subject matter
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