Here’s how you validate learning outcomes in
the GSE Teacher Toolkit:

Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit

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The Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit is a free, searchable database of CEFR and GSE learning objectives, vocabulary and grammar.

See how you can use the toolkit for course design, course planning, lesson delivery and more!

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Determining your learning objectives

Well, first you will want to set your learning objectives. The GSE contains hundreds of specific learning objectives for General Adult, Professional, Academic and Young Learners English (in addition to the CEFR learning objectives). So it can help you better assess your current - or determine future - learning outcomes for your course(s).

Creating a lesson plan

Here’s how to set your learning
objectives using the GSE TTK:

Do you want to check which GSE Vocabulary and GSE Grammar to use in your lessons?

GSE Grammar

Here’s how to use grammar with
the GSE Teacher ToolKit:

Creating content

First, you will want to find the specific skills that your learners will need to have in order to determine your new content.

Creating Content

Here’s how you do it with the
GSE Teacher ToolKit:

GSE vocabulary - specific word

Great, here’s how to check a specific
word with the GSE Teacher Toolkit:

GSE vocabulary - wordlist

Ok, here’s how to create a word list
with the GSE Teacher Toolkit: