Operating in English: the globalised business

Pearson English helps organizations to transform by enabling them to communicate, collaborate & operate in a common language.

As business becomes more and more international, the ability to work across borders and cultures becomes ever more important. Wherever we look across the world, businesses are finding ways to operate more effectively and efficiently with each other through common technology, financial standards and business processes. But that's not enough - they also need a common way to communicate, to collaborate, to create. English is the language of global business, whether you're from Britain or Bahrain, and the ability of your staff to work in English is a key factor in your future success.

Pearson English has solutions for businesses of all sizes. We work with 500 of the world's largest companies, and we work with thousands of smaller businesses too. Our focus is never just on the language - it's always on the productivity benefits you can gain if your staff, customers and partners have a common way to communicate, collaborate and create.

Revolutionise English learning for business with the Global Scale of English

How many times have you read on a CV ‘fluent in English’? Does it mean an individual can write an email in English or is able to participate in a global conference call? English is a key skill for many employees, and yet it’s often not defined or measured effectively. Learn how the GSE learning objectives for professionals can improve English standards in your business or explore our workplace focused articles.


LinkedIn study

In 2014, we collaborated with LinkedIn to conduct global research with HR Directors, CEOs, CMOs and CFOs to determine the importance of English proficiency to global workforces. Here are some of the highlights of what we uncovered:

  • 83% of respondents believe that there is a need for a global standard of English proficiency.
  • 90% of respondents agree that it benefits their businesses if employees speak English.
  • 80% of global businesses agree that individuals who are able to speak good English are more likely to succeed in their business.

Dig deeper into the Pearson English and LinkedIn study across six major markets: China, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Germany and the UK.