World Teacher’s Day: Resources for online, hybrid and in-person classes

World teacher's day resources

It has been amazing to see the way that the world of education rose to meet and overcome the challenges presented by Covid-19. Teachers have demonstrated their resilience, their adaptability and their commitment to the education of their students. And that is something to celebrate on this World Teacher’s Day. 

Now some teachers are back in the classroom. Some are still teaching online and some are teaching using a hybrid model of in-person and online classes. No matter what your teaching situation, we’ve brought together some resources to help you.

Resources for online teaching 

Lindsay Warwick’s handy guide to teaching online offers lots of information for teachers. It’s ideal for you if you are just getting started with distance teaching. She also offers practical tips for seasoned online teachers too. Her advice will help you choose the right tools and learn techniques for engaging learners. You’ll come away with strategies for group work and sharing material. 

In his webinar on distance teaching and learning, Ken Beatty looks at how to organize your lessons, plan effective and exciting lessons and keep motivation levels high. If you’re short on time, the webinar is also available as seven short videos. You can watch one whenever you have a spare five minutes. 

For practical insights into online teaching and the effective use of breakout rooms, hear from our Live Classes community. In the short video below, teachers from around the world share their top tips for teaching online. And in this follow up article, Michael Brand, one of our Live Classes trainers, details six ways you can use breakout rooms for a fun and dynamic online class. 

If you need more useful, actionable advice on teaching online, visit our blog where we cover topics such as: 

Resources for hybrid teaching

If you are teaching a mix of online and in-person classes, there are some interesting frameworks you can use to really get the most out of the resources at your disposal. In this fascinating article, Ollie Wood shares his insights into flipped learning. 

Ollie is an expert on the use of technology both inside and outside the classroom. Here he looks at the benefits and challenges of flipped learning, and gives us a breakdown of how it works in practice. It’s also available as a podcast – an interesting listen for your journey home from school.

In this article on blended learning, Mike Rost, an ELT author and teaching expert, looks at the dos and don’ts of the hybrid model. He offers top advice on teaching mixed ability classes and the importance of offering students appropriate activities. 

Resources for in-person teaching 

Teachers who are teaching face-to-face classes this term will experience different challenges at the start of the school year. Some teachers are teaching with masks on, some have socially distanced classrooms. And students have been out of schools for six months.

But no matter how different your teaching environment is, setting SMART goals can help you and your learners stay focused on achieving their learning objectives for the year ahead. 

This article also has lots of useful tips on how to start the school year off successfully, from building routines to setting expectations. And for specific advice on teaching in a socially distanced classroom, read this blogpost from learning and language acquisition expert Sara Davila. 

For more professional development, check out our Spring Days webinar series which is now on YouTube. You can choose from almost 30 sessions taught by Pearson authors and experts. They cover topics such as formative assessment, teaching mixed ability classes, and scaffolding grammar. 

The Summer Sessions webinar series is also available, with a focus on assessment-related topics. And there will be an exciting new webinar series coming soon in November, so stay tuned for more details. 

Further reading 

For lots more back-to-school advice, have a look at our resources page, which covers professional development, assessment, teaching methodologies, tools and resources and wellbeing. 

And from everyone at Pearson English, Happy World Teacher’s Day to all the amazing educators that are part of our community!

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