Winners announced: 2019 Pearson English Global Teacher Award

Pearson English Global Teacher Award Ceremony

We are extremely pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Pearson English Global Teacher Award.

Celebrating the great work teachers do, this year’s award saw a record number of entries. We were truly humbled by the passion and enthusiasm you displayed. It’s clear that you are having a huge impact on the lives of your students.

In the spirit of our mission to work together with the education community to make a difference, address challenges and further positive change; we asked you to make a short video explaining:

  • How you inspire your students to learn
  • Your greatest achievements in transforming your students in their English language journey

The winners will be able to choose between an all expenses paid trip to TESOL or IATEFL 2019.

In total, we received 431 inspiring video submissions, from 65 countries, across six continents. That’s almost twice as many as last year!

The country with the most applicants? Brazil – with a staggering 46 entries!

Check out some of our highlights:

As you can see, the quality was very high and our judges had an extremely tough job selecting a winner and runner up from each region.

The awards ceremony

The event took place at the Pearson English head office in London and, for the first time ever, we broadcasted the award ceremony live on our Facebook page.

Hundreds of people tuned in from all over the world. There were teachers from Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Ukraine, Panama, Mexico, Peru, USA, Jordan, Greece, Colombia, Lebanon, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, UK, Spain, Romania and many more.

Even some of the winners and runners up were watching online. It was fantastic to see their reactions when they found out they won. A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to watch and to say hi.

The winners are…

So without further ado, let us introduce you to the five winning teachers:

Matilda El Hage, Lebanon

Teacher award winnerOur first winner is from Africa and the Middle East. In her video Matilda talks about the methods she uses in the classroom to engage and inspire her learners. This includes getting to know her students on a personal level, gamifying the learning experience, using the art of storytelling and much more.

One thing which really stood out for judge Emily Gale was that ‘Matilda demonstrates an ability to harness the power of technology and seamlessly integrates it into her lessons.’

Watch Matilda’s winning entry now.

Congratulations to runner up in this region: Innocent Weza from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Arata Nishio, Japan

Teacher award winnerArata, the winner from Asia and Oceania, believes that as language teachers we should motivate our learners by providing situations where they are exposed to real world English speaking situations. However, in Japan people have little opportunity to use English in their daily lives. The solution? She has implemented several online opinion exchanges in her classes so that her students can share experiences in English with people from five different countries.

Judge Jeremy Harmer found Arata’s approach to getting her students to overcome their natural reluctance to speak inspiring.

Watch Arata’s winning entry now.

Congratulations to runner up in this region: Nidhi Gupta from India.  


Tetiana Kulynok, Ukraine

Teacher award winnerTetiana is our winner from Europe and Central Asia. Life is tough for her students. Therefore, her mission is to make the world a better place for them. She creates authentic lessons using materials she finds online. Amongst other things, she enjoys introducing her learners to English songs, teaching them about English culture and inspiring them to read more. She’s even gone as far as to become a volunteer in a number of Peace Corps’ summer camps, to increase opportunities for her learners to interact with English speakers.

Jeremy Harmer said he was deeply moved by Tetiana’s commitment to education in the face of a dangerous warlike situation – and how important it is to keep hope alive.

Watch Tetiana’s winning entry now.

Congratulations to runner up in this region: Anastasia Kichkireva from Russia.

Pablo Santos, Panama

Our winner from North and Central America, Pablo, uses his radiant smile to brighten up his students’ days. He wants the best for the kids he teaches so he tries to innovate and look for strategies to help them communicate in a second language.

While his classes are fun, he also emphasizes that his students are there to learn. He also loves telling his learners about his experiences abroad. This includes his recent trip to Jordan where he taught English at a refugee camp. This has inspired them to want to be like him and to travel the world and help people.

“Pablo employs a variety of different teaching strategies to engage his students, his use of role play for English language learning is particularly exciting,” says judge Emily Gale.

Watch Pablo’s winning entry now.

Congratulations to runner up in this region: Jennifer Brummer from the USA.

Mariana Garrone, Argentina

Teacher award winnerLast but not least is Mariana, the winner from South America. She uses her passion for acting to inspire her students and loves teaching English through drama. In her classes you might find her primary and secondary students doing improv, taking part in shows and contests with other schools and visiting museums and theatres. Bringing the language to life really helps motivate her learners.

Judge, Nick Robinson told us “I loved her attitude and style – she’s clearly an utter delight in the classroom.”

Watch Mariana’s winning entry now.

Congratulations to runners up in this region: Joao Campos from Brazil and Miguel Perez from Venezuela*.  

We can’t wait to meet these inspiring individuals at either TESOL or IATEFL 2019. We’d also like to thank all the other entrants and we look forward to hearing from you next time.

Stay up-to-date with the Pearson English Global Teacher Award on our website.

*During our live event we incorrectly identified Miguel Perez as being from Brazil, but he’s actually from Venezuela. We apologize for the mix-up!

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