8 webinars that will change the way you think about teaching English

Webinars for teachers

In this series of eight inspiring ELT webinars, you will discover lots of new approaches to teaching. From making grammar more fun to looking at the skills students will need in the future – there’s something for everyone!

Below you’ll find a short summary of each webinar. Once you’ve found something that suits your interests, simply click on the link and register to watch. Enjoy!


1. 21st Century Teaching and the Global Scale of English

Sara Davila presents her fascinating webinar on 21st Century Teaching, blended learning, and how to use the Global Scale of English. Focusing on preparing students for their future careers, she summarizes the 4Cs – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. Sara has over 12 years’ experience as a teacher, educational consultant and trainer. She is the Learning Expert in Higher Education for global English language products at Pearson English.

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2. How to Organize a Lesson Plan Around a Short Story

Sybil Marcus is a co-author of A World of Fiction – a series designed to teach ESL learners integrated language and critical thinking skills through literature. In this highly practical webinar, you’ll learn how to create a lesson plan using a short story. Sybil covers reading, writing, speaking and grammar. He also looks at how story analysis can develop critical thinking skills.

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3. Engaging Students in the Classroom Through Photos and Images

Joe McVeigh is a teacher, teacher trainer, and independent educational consultant. In this insightful webinar, he dives into how to engage students more deeply through the use of images. Full of practical ideas, he shows us how to facilitate collaborative lessons and integrate a variety of skills.

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4. Space for Uncertainty: Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Dr. Ken Beatty is a professor at Anaheim University, specializing in TESOL. He has worked all over the world, lecturing on language teaching and computer-aided language teaching.

His webinar looks at the world beyond course books and classrooms, exploring the language of uncertainty that students are sure to encounter in their everyday interactions in English. Ken offers a range of practical advice, so that you can help your students communicate in the real world.

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5. Teaching Grammar with Pop Songs: Ain’t No Reason Not To

Author of the popular True Stories series, Sandra Heyer presents her webinar on using pop songs. She notes that many teachers are reluctant to use songs in their classes because they often contain poor grammar, but she has lots of good uses for them! With tips and practical ideas – you’ll soon have a very musical classroom!

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6. Fostering Independence: Helping Students Become More Effective Self-Directed Learners

Sarah Lynn is an ESOL teacher, teacher trainer, teacher coach, author, and curriculum design specialist. She has also authored several publications, including Business Across Cultures, Future, Future U.S. Citizens, and Project Success. As a coach, she is an expert in helping people realize their potential and become independent in their own learning. In this webinar, you’ll find out how to teach your students to be more autonomous and discover a number of practical strategies that will help them become better learners.

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7. Ten Tips to Accelerate Academic Listening

Michael Rost is the principal author of Pearson English Interactive and has more than 25 years’ experience in language teaching. His webinar focuses on academic listening and accelerating the learning process for students – turning them from passive into active listeners. You’ll learn how to construct “while listening” tasks with specific objectives and see how to improve your learners’ levels of engagement.

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8. An Inductive Approach to Teaching Grammar

Geneva Tesh is a teacher, teacher trainer, researcher and materials writer. She has written for a number of ELT textbook series, including the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series, Future English for Results, and StartUp. In her grammar-focused webinar, she flips the traditional way of teaching and presents a more active approach to grammar learning. With inductive teaching students are presented with a target structure and attempt to understand the rules on their own.

This effective and exciting style of teaching will help you think about grammar in an entirely new way.

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Which webinar did you enjoy the most? What other topics would you like us to cover? Let us know in the comments!

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