Two festive lesson plans for busy teachers

festive lesson plan

In the northern hemisphere, the days are growing shorter and the nights a little colder and we’re getting ready for winter.

In preparation for Thanksgiving and Loi Krathong, which are being celebrated this week, and Hanukkah happening at the start of December, we’ve created two free lesson plans and activities which you can download and use in the classroom.

B1 level lesson on Thanksgiving and Loi Krathong for adults 

In this lesson, students read about one of the festivals and share information and new vocabulary with a partner. Afterwards, they talk about the things they’re thankful for and what they wish was different. The activities are suitable for teenage and adult students, with an intermediate (B1) level or above.

Lesson Plan Activity Sheets




A2+ lesson plan on Hanukkah for young learners 

In this lesson, younger learners and teenagers with an elementary to pre-intermediate (A2-B1) level can find out more about the celebration and then write a text about a celebration in their country.

Lesson Plan Activity Sheets




In both lesson plans the Learning Objectives are taken from the Global Scale of English (GSE) Teacher Toolkit.

More themed lesson plans

We hope you found these holiday-themed lesson plans useful. Here are five other festive resources you can use throughout the year.

  1. Happy holiday lesson activities (Adults B2-C1) 

Another winter themed post you can use during the festive season, the three activities, which are all available to download for free, are perfect for upper-intermediate to advanced adult learners.

  1. A sizzling lesson for Bonfire night (Adults and Teens B1-B2)

Learn more about the celebration that remembers the failure of English rebel Guy Fawkes, who attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London on November 5th, 1605. There’s a speaking activity and two worksheets to improve your students’ vocabulary.

  1. Spring festival lesson plan and activity (Adults B1-B2) 

If your students enjoyed learning about Thanksgiving, Loi Krathong and Hannukah, they’ll love this spring festival lesson plan. Included you’ll find fun activities about Songkran water festival, Las Fallas, Holi festival and Nowruz.

  1. How to create a Young Learners lesson plan using the GSE Toolkit (Young Learners A2)

Teach young learners and short on time? Use this handy guide to quickly create engaging and level-appropriate lessons for kids.

  1. How to plan a summer-themed lesson using the GSE Teacher Toolkit (Teens B1-B2)

Also featuring the GSE teacher toolkit – this post will show you how to plan an interesting class for your students using Lesson Objectives from the Global Scale of English. There’s also an example lesson plan to help you get started.

How do you celebrate autumn where you live? Let us know in the comments.

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