To infinity and beyond! Toy Story classroom activities for young learners


Summer is just around the corner – and that means lots of great movies will be coming out to keep us entertained during the holidays.

This year, there are some incredible Disney movies on offer. We can look forward to Toy Story 4 coming out on June 21st, a new CGI version of The Lion King in July, and we recently saw a live-action version of Aladdin hit the big screens.

To celebrate the release of Toy Story 4, we have some classroom activities for your young learners. Students will use their critical thinking skills to help the different Toy Story characters out of awkward situations and create a role play for one of the situations. The lesson is suitable for A2 learners and up.

Download our “Can you rescue the toys?” lesson activities here:


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Toy Story – Level 2

Toy story 1When Andy brings home a new toy, Woody is worried that he’ll be forgotten. Will this technologically advanced Buzz Lightyear take his place as Andy’s favorite?

Find your copy here and follow Woody as he tries to regain his position as Number 1 toy.



Toy Story 2 – Level 3

Toy Story 2The next adventure sees the gang in a race to save Woody from becoming a museum exhibit. Will Buzz, Rex and the others be able to find him before he’s taken to Japan? And what about the new toys that Woody meets along the way?

Pick up your copy of the story here and find out who Woody chooses to go home with.



Toy Story 3 – Level 4

Toy Story 3Over the years, Andy’s grown up and now he’s off to college and must decide what to do with his beloved toys. But a misunderstanding sees them end up in a daycare center, rather than safely stored in the attic.

Will the toys make it back to the safety of the house or will they be trapped with the toddlers forever? Find out here.



The Lion King – Level 4

Lion KingWhen young lion cub Simba loses his father in a stampede, his wicked uncle tricks him into believing it was his fault. Simba runs away and grows into a strong lion along with his new friends, Timon and Pumbaa.

Will Simba ever return to his family home and take his place as the lion king? Read about his adventure here.



Aladdin – Level 5

AladdinWhen Aladdin finds a mysterious lamp, a genie appears to grant him three wishes. He wishes to become a prince so that he can meet Jasmine, the princess of Agrabah. However, an evil magician also wants the lamp.

Take a magical carpet ride on this adventure and find out if Aladdin and the Genie get what they wish for here.



Which Disney movie are you looking forward to watching this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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