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In this interesting webinar, Philip Warwick goes into detail about what authentic materials are, why they are important and how we can use them to better relate to our learners in class. This topic is especially useful because it comes at a time when there are many more digital distractions. As students become more distracted by digital devices, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them engaged.

Throughout the presentation, you will be introduced to a variety of authentic materials – including extracts from Wider World, the new Pearson course for secondary students published in collaboration with the BBC. 

Using English to access a Wider World of knowledge, skills and experience

Wider World is written with “digital resident” teens in mind and reflects the way in which young people now learn and access information and entertainment. The authentic and interactive content is designed to not only engage your learners, but also to inspire and challenge them, allowing them to acquire the English language at a deeper cognitive level.

Find out more about Wider World or download a sample and see how you can bring the real world into your classroom.

We hope you found the presentation useful. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our webinars and let us know how you are incorporating authentic materials into your classes.


Philip Warwick at IATEFL 

Philip will also be talking more about authentic language with Emily Gale at this year’s IATEFL Annual Conference in Brighton on April 10th-13th.

Their talk, titled Running with Scissors: Authenticity in the Classroom, will take place on Tuesday 10th April from 16:55-17:25 in the Balmoral room.

Check out the rest of the Pearson talks over on our IATEFL programme page.

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