The 2019 Pearson English Global Teacher Award is back

pearson english global teacher award judges announcement

Entries are now open for the 2019 Pearson English Global Teacher Award!

Win an all expenses paid trip to IATEFL (UK) or TESOL (US) 2019 and help us celebrate the important work of English language teachers all over the world.

What’s the competition all about?

Our aim is to uncover your inspirational teaching stories and share them with the global ELT community.

So if you are a teacher who constantly strives to improve your students’ lives and learning experiences and would like to show us just how passionate you are about education, we would like to hear from you!

What do you have to do?

To enter the competition you will have to film a short video of yourself (max 3 minutes) answering these questions:

  1. How do you inspire your students to dare to learn?
  2. What are your greatest achievements in transforming your students in their English language journey?

To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Decide what you would like to talk about. Aim to tell a story related to teaching that demonstrates just how passionate you are about your profession.

2. Record your video. Make sure you don’t exceed the three-minute time limit or include any of your students.

3. Create a private YouTube account (if you do not already have one).

4. Upload your video as unlisted.

5. Submit your entry video to the competition via our submission page.

Make a good impression by following these seven tips for filming yourself:

Winners will be selected from five different regions; Asia and Oceania, Africa and the Middle East, South America, North and Central America, Europe and Central Asia, and will have the opportunity to choose between a trip to IATEFL (UK) or TESOL (US).

For more information about entering – including the competition timeline and terms and conditions – visit the website.

Last year’s winners

Need some inspiration? Check out last year’s winning entries:

Noorjahan Sultan – winner of Asia & Oceania

Our judges loved Noorjahan’s recognition of the fact that students are making progress in English when the language they’ve learnt crosses into other classes.

Ksenia Immel – winner of Europe & Central Asia

The way Ksenia links English teaching with the real-life usage impressed the judges.

Angel Gaytan – winner of North & Central America

The judges enjoyed Angel’s passion for teaching and his understanding of students’ progress when they enjoy English language outside of the classroom.

Leila Jauch – winner of South America

Our judges loved how Leila’s students travelling abroad and becoming exchange students is her marker of progress in English.

Ghazal Parsa – winner of Africa & the Middle East

The judges thought Ghazal’s understanding of progress – students who use English to adapt to their environment – very forward-thinking.

Discover more about last year’s winners.



We can’t wait to hear your stories of inspiration and achievement. Head over to the website now and enter the 2019 Pearson English Global Teacher Award!

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