Introducing TELA: The Pearson Teacher Education & Leadership Academy

Introducing the Pearson Teacher Education & Leadership Academy

The start of a new school year is a great time to sharpen your professional teaching skills with the latest offering from Pearson. The Teacher Education & Leadership Academy (TELA) builds on Pearson’s professional learning programs for K–12 and English as a Foreign Language teachers. The programs offer training that can be used for self-study, taken with a virtual instructor, or delivered as a blended program with face-to-face sessions. 

Why choose a TELA program? 

Our TELA Professional learning programs offer a breadth of content – from foundational evidence-based practices, to cutting-edge topics that teachers face today. There is a choice of formats to choose from, including short bite-sized modules, as well as more in-depth training. This offers a variety of ways to learn and upskill, with courses that fit into their schedules and suit their preferred ways of learning.

World-class subject matter experts, content developers, efficacy professionals and instructional designers have contributed to each program. In addition, each is learner-centered, connected to practice, and promotes teacher ownership. You can be confident that our courses are robust, relevant and real-world ready. 

Our TELA programs are guided by our in-house experts. This means you can be confident that you are investing your time into training that is practical, effective and full of good ideas to take into this new school year. 

Containing practical, downloadable tools and resources to have on hand when you finish, each course helps you put your learning into action. 

The content for each program is designed to address the different delivery needs of our customers. Programs are available as self study courses through our TELA digital learning platform or facilitated through local Pearson teams. 

Pearson Teacher Education & Leadership Academy (TELA)

So what can you expect to learn from each program? Let’s take a look at the details: 

1. TELA On the Go

On the Go (OTG) is a series of online professional development micro-units. It’s designed to provide busy teachers with quick and easy access to classroom strategy training. With a mix of short activities and presentations that take an hour or two to complete, it’s easy to fit On the Go into your weekly schedule. As a participant, you’ll quickly learn core concepts and approaches to teaching, and acquire the practical strategies and skills to apply in the classroom. 

Each On the Go unit offers engaging video material, instructive text, interactive activities, ready-to-use teaching tools, templates and strategies, and automatically scored unit quizzes to check understanding.  Step-by-step support, such as Try It Out! activities encourage teachers to put knowledge and skills into practice straightaway, as well as reflect on individual successes and challenges. Teachers also get digital badges, micro-credentials and Pearson certificates upon completion of tasks.

Teachers can choose from a series of six OTG programs each designed to provide you with the relevant skills, strategies and pedagogy to be successful in the global classroom. 

Find out more about TELA On the Go here.

2. TELA Teaching for Impact

With the rise of digital and online learning, there’s never been a better time to develop your online teaching skills. The Teaching for Impact Program is all about growing your confidence in the virtual classroom, helping you to connect with your students and choose the right resources for a digital learning experience. It goes beyond the usual ‘how-to’ guides to online teaching. Instead, you’ll develop skills and learning strategies that have been put to the test in real online teaching environments over the last twenty years. You’ll also have the opportunity to observe authentic recorded online teaching sessions with teachers using the strategies in practice. 

The Teaching for Impact Program supports teachers to translate their passion for connecting with their learners to this new, virtual environment. It focuses on learner engagement and empowerment to build agency, perseverance, and a growth mindset.

It is divided into three short courses:  

  • Getting Started with Online Teaching
  • Implementing Quality Online Teaching 
  • Advancing your Online Teaching Practices

Read more about our Teaching for Impact Program here. 

 Purchase Teaching for Impact today.

3. TELA Deep Dive

Deep Dive is a collection of courses on topics that were chosen to reflect the most common challenges our community of teachers report. These self-study programs each explore a specific topic with multiple subtopics in considerable depth. Each one contains 4–6 modules, taking 8–15 hours to complete in total. 

These courses are perfect for teachers and institutions wanting to engage more deeply with pedagogical concepts, theories and teaching strategies on a variety of key classroom and subject-related issues. A ‘deep dive’ exploration of both international research and best practices provides sustained professional learning on a topic. 

Currently you have the opportunity to choose from three Deep Dive courses: 

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Assessment for Learning

Learn more about all our Deep Dive courses here. 

4. TELA Master Trainer

The Master Trainer program is a great choice for teacher trainers looking for rigorous, practical professional development. With a focus on learner engagement, team building, conflict resolution and effective communication, the courses are designed for transfer. That means you can transfer the skills you have learned to your teaching peers, who will in turn pass those skills on to their students. The Master Trainer program has been delivered to over 300 Master Trainers, reached over 6,000 teacher leaders, and impacted over 120,000 learners. 

There are currently three levels of our Master Trainer program which explore areas such as: 

  • Engaging and motivating adult learners (Level 1) 
  • Advanced team building (Level 2) 
  • Online facilitator skills (Level 3) 

Discover more about our Master Trainer program here. 

Coming soon … in early 2021

We’re adding to our portfolio of courses, check out these two new programs for 2021.

TELA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the Global Classroom

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the professional learning & development process of our educators, the Teacher Education and Leadership Academy (TELA) is proud to present a NEW addition to its Deep Dive series of Professional learning programs. It is designed to equip teachers with the skills and strategies needed to explicitly address​ diversity, equity & inclusion in their classroom.

TELA Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): Strategies for the K-12 teacher 

As teaching methodology, technology and key learner skills have been evolving, so have the demands on teachers, both new and experienced. We’re working hard on developing a new teacher development course to upskill experienced teachers in the latest teaching methodologies, while also giving new teachers a solid foundation in core teaching skills.

It will be modular and delivered online, with short practical lessons and ideas you can easily use in your teaching.

Modules will cover topics such as methodology, teaching with technology, developing employability skills, using assessment, teaching young learners and more.

Book a TELA Program today 

Soon you’ll be able to purchase all of our courses online. However, for the time being please contact your local Pearson office or the TELA team for more information. 

For more details on any of the TELA courses, check out the full catalogue of courses available.

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