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Helen Doran has a wealth of experience in publishing ELT materials for children, teens and adults, having previously taught multilingual language learners. Today on the blog she is sharing ideas and activities for using Primary Academy with young learners who are studying English at home. 

So much time out of the classroom has been hard on teachers, parents and students. Distance learning can be especially challenging for younger learners who find it difficult to stay focused. But the good news is that learning English can continue at home with the right activities. So here are some ideas and materials which you can share with your learners or their parents to keep your students active and engaged! 

Hunts and challenges

How about a scavenger hunt in the house or the local area such as the ‘C’ sound hunt? Can children find anything in the house beginning with the ‘c’ sound in English – a cake, candy or cup? As well as the ‘c’ hunt, there are also other sound hunts, a Nature Rainbow Hunt, Alphabet Hunt, Five Senses Hunts, an Opposites Hunt and a Neighbourhood Photo Hunt. Your learners will love tracking down household objects and checking them off the list! 

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts activities are a great way of getting young learners to practise their language skills and express their creativity. You can suggest a project like Milk Carton City or Potato Stamp Shapes. There are also lots of fun drawing activities. Challenge your students to see how many objects they can draw using a simple triangle shape. Can they use finger paint to make trees from each season? 

Learning Pathway Packs

When it comes to home schooling, the partnership between parents and teachers is really important. How can you support parents to help their children learn? For a whole week’s worth of content, the 18 Learning Pathway Packs contain all the materials that a parent would need – a carefully selected set of materials from Primary Academy including videos, songs, worksheets, games, challenges, arts and crafts activities, a parent guide, objectives and a certificate. 

Each pack reviews a common vocabulary set, such as animals, food, or sport. There are also listening, reading and writing tasks introduced through fun activities. All the activities can be done at home alone or with a parent / sibling. And once you’re back in the classroom, they can also be done in small classroom groups with a teaching assistant. 

Just be aware that the pack guides are in English and so the parent will need some knowledge of English. But if you’d like to translate the instructions into local languages, we can provide the editable files. Just get in touch! 

Teacher Worksheet Packs

If you are a teacher who needs lots of worksheets but you have no time to create them, then the Teacher Worksheet Packs will come in useful. Three sets of materials with selected projects, puzzles, reading, vocabulary and writing tasks will give your learners lots of do. The packs are organised into sets for beginners, intermediate and advanced primary school age children.

Seppo Interactive Vocabulary Adventure Games

Primary academy resources

Don’t forget about the Seppo Interactive Vocabulary Adventure Games for a fun way for kids to practise vocabulary and language skills in an engaging mission.

COVID-19 resources

Covid resources primary academy

And if you’re still teaching in person, there are more useful resources to help your students follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. You can print out coronavirus social distancing school signs, and do activities on hand washing and making a time capsule. 

Pearson English Primary Academy

All these activities, as well as many more, are part of the Pearson English Academies. You’ll find lots of supplementary resources such as flashcards, songs, videos, pronunciation charts and worksheets. These resources are designed for both Pre-Primary and Primary students, to support your students’ home learning and boost their language skills.

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