Teach and learn with confidence using our Pearson English platforms

Parents using the Pearson English Portal

Technology is a great enabler – teachers all around the world rely on digital platforms for communication, support, and to connect with other teachers and learners through content and tools. In these unprecedented times, this has never been more important.

Our English courses are delivered through the Pearson English Portal, which offers a range of features to support you when teaching (or learning) online. Let’s have a look at what the Portal offers teachers and students, how to access it and use it effectively.

What do the courses offer me and my students?

Each course comes with a unique set of resources which can include a presentation mode, classroom management functions, online practice, ebooks, PDFs,  audio and video files.

What you can access depends on the individual course components. Once you have activated your access code, you’ll be able to see what’s available to you. 

And how does it work?

You simply need to log in or create an account – choose from either an adult account (for adult learners or teachers) or child account (for parents of young learners) and then find an access code for your course and type or paste it in. By entering the access code the resources for your course will appear automatically on a dashboard.

Go to english.com/activate – and follow the on-screen instructions:

Create an account page
Create an account page
Entering an access code
Entering an access code
A dashboard showing the resources
A dashboard showing the resources

Educators access their teaching resources and students are able to see their assignments or practice materials. These platforms are also suitable for children – parents of young learners will be able to create a child account. 

How do you find access codes for the Pearson English Portal?

Course resources – including those on MyEnglishLab – are accessed via the Pearson English Portal. If you have not accessed online materials for your course before, you will need an access code to begin, which you can find from the inside front cover of your teacher’s book or student’s book.

“But I don’t have an access code!”

If you don’t have access to those, no problem! Simply contact your local Pearson office or local Pearson distributor. They will be happy to help you start using the platforms. Alternatively, you can find some access codes online:  

Students can also access resources for their course by selecting the course from the menu and then registering for an account on the Pearson English Portal. 

Free student resources
Select your course for student resources

Teachers can also access resources for their course by selecting the course from the menu and submitting a form to our customer services team. 

How do I set up an account?

Setting up an account is quick and easy: follow the instructions as you register. You can watch the tutorial videos below to help you get started. 

For educators

Find video tutorials here for getting started using the Pearson English Portal: Video Tutorials Pearson English Portal

In the video below you can see how the English Portal works for one of our popular primary courses Big English 2nd Edition. 

For those courses which use MyEnglishLab, here are a number of step-by-step videos: Video Tutorials MyEnglishLab

And we also have some quick start guides to help you: Quick Start Guides

For students (& parents)

If you are a parent or student and want to learn more about how to use  the Pearson English Portal, these tutorial videos will guide you: Video Tutorials English Portal

In addition, here are some useful tutorials to help you get to know MyEnglishLab: Video Tutorials MyEnglishLab


We hope these platforms will help while you transition to teaching or learning online. If you have any further questions please leave us a comment or contact your local representative. 

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