Starting the new school year successfully: A Roadmap webinar series

Roadmap webinar series

Every group of students we teach is different. This makes planning our courses around our students’ needs challenging – especially when course book materials are hard to personalise or lack flexibility. 

Roadmap is an eight-level general English course for adults, which has been designed to meet that challenge head-on. It enables you to adapt your classes to fit the needs of every one of your groups.

In this webinar series, which begins on Thursday 12th September, we demonstrate how you can start a new course successfully. You’ll learn how to build learner confidence, and adapt and personalise your classroom materials – no matter how large your classroom groups are.

Each webinar is led by a co-author of Roadmap and deals with different aspects of the course. 

You’ll learn about: 

  • Practical ideas for first-day activities using Roadmap
  • Addressing changing individual needs in the classroom
  • Boosting learner confidence

1. Starting a new course with Roadmap

 In this webinar, Roadmap co-author Hugh Dellar kicks off the series by talking about the difficulty of starting a course with a new book. He gives us a range of practical ways to approach the beginning of term. You’ll come away with lots of new ideas and some great first-day activities to use with the Roadmap course.

When? Thursday 12th September

Register here for 9:00 am (UK time)

Register here for 2:00 pm (UK time)

2. Building learner confidence with Roadmap

In this webinar, Lindsay Warwick explains how low learner confidence can have a negative impact on student progress in the classroom. 

Using a Roadmap lesson as an example, Lindsay explains how we can show our students’ progress and celebrate their achievements. The sooner we can get our students to feel more confident about using English, the sooner they’ll achieve their goals. 

When? Thursday 19th September

Register here for 9:00 am (UK time)

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3. Finding the right route to develop your learners’ skills

Damian Williams looks at learning as a journey and talks about how we can get our students on the right track by developing their receptive and productive skills.

Covering communication skills and practical tools, he’ll examine Roadmap’s flexible, dual-track approach and show you how it can be adapted to suit your students’ needs. 

When? Thursday 26th September 

Register here for 9:00 am (UK time)

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4. The best-laid plans – responding to learners’ changing needs with Roadmap

Andrew Walkley offers another perspective on the flexibility of Roadmap, with lots of hands-on practical activities. 

You’ll come away with ideas on how to plan ahead during the course. You’ll also learn how to adapt your content with the changing needs of your students in mind, over the course of the year. 

When? Thursday 3rd October 

Register here for 9:00 am (UK time)

Register here for 2:00 pm (UK time)

You can also catch up on our previous webinar series on our dedicated page. 

About Roadmap

Roadmap is a new, eight-level general English course for adults that recognises every class is different, every learner is unique. 

Roadmap’s rich content and flexible organisation allows teachers to personalise their lessons to give learners the specific language training they need to progress. Engaging and clearly-organised with an extensive range of support materials, Roadmap makes lessons easy to prepare and fun to teach.

Download a sample now or contact your local rep for more information.

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