Spring festival lesson plan and activity

spring festival lesson plan activity elt

As billions of people around the world prepare to celebrate the advent of spring, we’ve created this free lesson plan and activity you can download and use in your classes to mark the event.

In this lesson your students will be introduced to some new vocabulary related to festivals and celebrations, read about four spring festivals from around the world, and write an email to a friend.

We’ll visit the Songkran water festival in Thailand, the explosive Las Fallas festival in Spain, the colorful Holi festival in India, and Nowruz – the Persian New Year celebration.

All of the language and lesson objectives are taken straight from the Pearson Global Scale of English (GSE) Teacher Toolkit and the activities are suitable for intermediate to upper-intermediate adult students.

The GSE Teacher Toolkit is a free resource which saves you precious time when planning lessons. It allows you to find Learning Objectives, as well as appropriate grammar and vocabulary, easily and quickly.

Download the spring festivals lesson plan and activity sheets below:

Spring festival lesson plan Spring festival activity sheets

If you want to find out more about the Global Scale of English, please visit english.com/gse.

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