How important is it that students see progress as it happens when learning English?


Students from all over the world take English classes with Study Group and reach their English goals. Many are studying the language because they want an international education or because they want to improve their career chances. Whatever the reason, staying motivated matters. So, we asked Barbara Gardner of Study Group UK how she thinks international students learning English will benefit from the Global Scale of English.

“Students often complain about their lack of perceived progress and will welcome the opportunity to work towards certain, defined objectives. As a result I would expect learner motivation in this potentially rather dry teaching context to grow and have a beneficial effect on progress.”

And it’s not just students who will benefit. As Barbara says; “Teachers need to be able to differentiate learning outcomes and assess levels accurately, particularly for those students who are functioning at a high level; in order to do this they need to define specific English skills for use in an academic context along with the enabling grammar and vocabulary.”

Barbara Gardner is a member of the Global Scale of English Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG is an independent group of experts who guide the development of the Global Scale of English. Watch the highlights of our conversation with Barbara below:

About the Global Scale of English
The Global Scale of English (GSE), the world’s first global English language standard and it allows you to measure progress accurately and easily. To help support students and their teachers, we’ve also published the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives so students see progress and the exact skills they need to master during the learning journey to English proficiency.

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