Pearson’s ScoreKeeper 3: the new and improved test management platform for Versant

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched ScoreKeeper 3, the new and improved, all-in-one test management platform for Pearson’s Versant language tests

As your partner in managing automated English language testing, ScoreKeeper 3 empowers you to make informed decisions by giving you access to rich data about each test taker’s language abilities. Use it to assign tests, monitor candidates, access materials, track progress, and retrieve scores. 

The newest version of the platform has features that make your organization’s life even easier. Whether you’re screening job applicants, benchmarking your employees’ English levels, or assessing your students’ language proficiency, ScoreKeeper 3 is the only tool you’ll need to manage the process.

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Carry on reading to find out more about how it can help you. 

1. See all the details about a test taker’s language skills in one place

ScoreKeeper 3 comes with new and updated Versant score reports. 

“Our robust score reports have been modified with teachers and HR professionals in mind. It’s now easier than ever to see and understand each test taker’s language ability, and definitions and scoring scales are clearly explained,” said Freya Thomas Monk, SVP English Assessment at Pearson. 

With ScoreKeeper 3, there’s no need to cross-check different records to find out how someone did on a test. The platform lets you look at named score reports that contain detailed information about the test taker’s language capabilities, all in one place. 

The score report’s new, simple design makes it easy for you to find the most important information, so you can make the right decisions. The color codes help you pick out the skills you value the most at a glance. And, there are clear definitions next to each skill so you always know what the scores are measuring. 

As a plus for test takers, tips for improvement are available next to each skillset. This means they can practice the areas they need to work on most. 

2. Customize your testing sessions so they work for you

Score Keeper 3 Customize your testing sessions so they work for youScoreKeeper 3 enables you to really customize the testing experience. With a few clicks, test deadlines can be set, test takers can be added, and scoring preferences can be made.

Setting deadlines so you can meet your own deadlines

We know that taking an English test isn’t something a candidate will jump at the chance to do. Adding in a testing deadline will help keep them on track so you can make informed decisions. If a test taker is approaching the deadline and still hasn’t taken their test, email reminders can be quickly sent out via ScoreKeeper 3.

Upload test takers in bulk or individually

Contact management is super straightforward in ScoreKeeper 3. Full rosters can be uploaded using provided templates, or candidates can be added individually as needed. If you’re unsure of who will need to be tested, that’s okay too – generic test ID numbers can be created so you can still prepare for your upcoming session.

Choose the scale you prefer to assess test takers’ English skills

It’s essential that the test results you see make sense to you. ScoreKeeper 3 lets you display test scores on either the Versant scale or the Global Scale of English (GSE), depending on your organization’s needs. 

“If your organization is currently using Pearson English courseware, GSE mappings can help your teachers to identify appropriate curriculum levels for students,” Freya Thomas Monk told us. 

Effectively discern between test takers

ScoreKeeper 3 lets you set passing scores for each testing session. This makes it easier to discern between test takers. It also takes away any uncertainty of who met your requirements. Just one look at the results will tell you who passed and who didn’t.

Manage tests in a secure way 

The new platform makes it easy to secure confidential data. You can take advantage of multiple user roles to set privacy levels and decide who has access to test taker data. This flexibility not only allows you to manage tests in a secure way, but is also the key to scaling the usage of the platform within your organization. 

3. Measure soft skills with the new Intelligibility score

Alongside the overall score for the Versant English Test, administrators can now also see the test taker’s Intelligibility score, a new proficiency index for Versant. 

“This score is first-of-its-kind. It looks beyond a test taker’s technical skills to get at the heart of their soft communication skills and determine how easy it is for a speaker of that language to understand what is being said,” said Freya Thomas Monk.

What is Intelligibility?

In a nutshell, Intelligibility measures how understandable someone’s speech is. If someone has high intelligibility, it means that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to comprehend what they’re saying. It’s a great way to gauge how well a candidate can communicate with others.

How is intelligibility measured?

We created the Intelligibility index based on extensive research involving thousands of native and non-native English speakers. It’s a highly accurate, objective, and consistent way to measure a speaker’s intelligibility. It includes pronunciation, fluency, clarity of expression, and speed of speech. Just like other skills, it can be scored automatically using Versant’s AI-powered testing system.

The Intelligibility Index score, along with other subscores on the Versant score report, gives you a high level of insight into a test taker’s language skills.

4. Easily manage delivery for large groups of test-takers

Scorekeeper 3

Last but not least, ScoreKeeper 3 enables administrators to easily manage delivery for large cohorts of test takers. 

“Group management is easier than ever with ScoreKeeper 3. Test takers may be assigned to a group to allow for quick test session setup and easier organization. Within each group, test administrators can track and monitor each individual’s progress, and reports and dashboards can be accessed to monitor scores and testing trends,” Freya Thomas Monk explained. 

Now, you can administer Versant tests to one or thousands in just a few clicks. 



Looking to the future

Shortly, we will be releasing an additional feature to our score reports to provide even more meaningful data to help students improve their English proficiency. Learners will receive guidance and recommendations to specific activities and tasks within Pearson courseware in order to personalize their learning journey. We believe this enhancement will make the Versant test even more relevant to those using it to inform learning and progression.

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