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Teaching an exam preparation course can be a daunting proposition, especially when your students need to pass an exam in order to attend university or apply for a visa. But the secret to feeling confident and giving your students a thorough grounding in the material is preparation! When you start preparing your students for PTE Academic, you’ll be joining a global community of teachers who want their students to do their best and fulfil their potential. After all, for many students, the stakes are high when they sit a test like PTE Academic, and the more prepared they feel, the better they will perform. 

What’s the best way to prepare your students for the test? Well, we have some useful tips and new resources for PTE Academic which will help you be sure that you know the test inside and out. That way, you can guide your students through the process, from the very beginning of their course to the day that they sit their exam. 

Familiarize yourself with the test

The first step in preparing your students for PTE Academic is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with how the exam works. Your students will go to a test center, where they will use a computer and headset during a single, three hour test session. The exam is split into three sections; reading; listening; and speaking and writing which are tested together in one section. PTE Academic is designed to test your students’ command of real-life academic English, so you should prepare them to view graphs and charts, hear excerpts from academic lectures and listen to a range of accents from all over the world, including non-native accents. 

At this point, it’s a good idea to check out our video series on frequently asked questions. You’ll get insights into the test, the importance of preparation, the academic skills that your learners will need to employ when sitting the test, and the role of machine learning in the marking process. 

Learn more about scoring

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic structure and outline of PTE Academic, you can use our free resources to take a deep dive into the exam! Get test tips and strategies and learn more about AI and how it is used to score the exam. You’ll also learn how to score your students’ practice essays so that you can see how they will perform in the exam, and make suggestions to help them improve. 

You can also watch our three-part webinar series, which includes lots of detail on the structure and format of the test, as well as an in-depth look at how the exam is scored. You’ll learn about how AI scoring ensures that PTE Academic is a fair and unbiased reflection of your students’ language skills. You’ll see sample questions and best-practice answers, and learn what your students should expect before, during and after taking the test.

Prepare to deliver your course

Now that you are thoroughly familiar with the PTE Academic, it’s time to start thinking about how to design a preparation course. Luckily, there are lots of resources that can help you. There is a full course outline which you can follow, taking you through exactly which academic sub skills students will be tested on. 

You’ll also find a folder of twenty free lesson plans available to download on our webpage. The lesson plans are designed to help you teach exam strategies such as summarizing the written or spoken word, filling in the blanks, describing images and writing essays, amongst others. 

You can also utilize the many coursebooks, teachers’ guides, mapping documents, practice tests and sample questions which will help to ensure that you are delivering a robust preparation course for your students to follow. Also, don’t forget to check out our official practice test app – to get an idea of the type of questions students can expect. 

Download our Teacher Preparation Pathway and discover all of our free resources in one handy infographic. 

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Passing PTE Academic is an important milestone for many students, offering them a passport into studying and training at a higher level, so they can achieve their ambitions. If you feel confident and fully prepared when teaching the test, you’ll be in the best position to help your students achieve their full potential. 

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