Ready for What’s Next: Autumn webinar series

Ready for Autumn webinar series

All over the world teachers are settling into the new term. Depending on where you live, it may look a little different. From socially distant classrooms and hybrid lessons to online classes on Zoom or Skype, everyone is doing their best to get used to their ‘new-normal’. 

To support you all in the effort you are making, we are organizing a new six-day virtual event from 10-19th November 2020 with more than 30 webinars

We’ve created the autumn webinar series based on feedback from thousands of educators from around the world who responded to our Global Teacher Survey. Each day focuses on one of the key topics they highlighted: 

  • Addressing lost learning
  • Supporting blended and online learning
  • Maximising potential using digital platforms and tools
  • Assessment
  • Mental health and wellbeing 
  • Building confidence

Our specialists

Each webinar is hosted by an expert speaker. We will be welcoming Ken Beatty, Rachael Roberts, Vaughan Jones, Sue Kay, and many others. They will bring you practical, up-to-date advice, guidance and techniques to support your teaching, with fresh ideas for now and the future.

Below you will find a summary of each of the themes and links to sign up for the different webinars. To register for a talk all you need to do is click on the link and follow the instructions on the registration page. You’ll also find further information about the webinar and the speaker. The webinars will be delivered using ClickMeeting.

Please note: some sessions in the autumn webinar series are repeated twice and all times are in UTC (Universal time). Click here to convert to your time zone.

Day 1: Addressing lost learning (Tuesday 10 November) 

On the first day of the event we’ll focus on how teachers, parents and learners can catch up on what they have missed during the pandemic and bridge gaps in learning. 

Click on the link to find out more and register for the sessions. 

Time Title + Link Speaker
8-9 am & 4-5 pm Catching up on collaboration and communication (Primary) Kasia Janitz-De La Rue
9-10 am & 2-3 pm Making up for lost time – helping students to learn and remember new words more effectively (Secondary) Vaughan Jones
10-11 am & 3-4 pm Analysing skills gaps and easing K12 learners back into learning using digital assessment (Primary)   Marian Martin
11 am-12 pm Identifying and targeting skills gaps in adult learners using courseware & assessment (Adult) Eleonora Pessina, Imogen Wyllie
5-6 pm Bridging the learning gap through scaffolding (Professional Development) Gina Pontrelli, Stacey Roberts

Day 2: Blended and online learning (Wednesday 11 November)

Many teachers are still working from home and are doing their classes remotely. Day 2 will focus on building skills for teaching English online and will also explore how you can deliver blended lessons. 

Click on the link to find out more and register for the sessions. 

Time Title + Link Speaker
8-9 am & 3-4 pm Blended learning for young learners (Primary) Kasia Janitz-De La Rue
9-10 am  How to teach professional English remotely (Adult)  Iwonna Dubicka
11 am-12 pm & 5-6 pm Flying colours: online exams classes for teens (Secondary) Michael Brand
12-13 pm & 4-5 pm Using digital assessment to get up-close insights, even from a distance (Assessment) Eleonora Pessina


Day 3: Using digital platforms and tools (Thursday 12 November) 

Day 3 is all about helping you feel more confident using online tools and technology. 

This collection of webinars will bring you hands-on practical experience of some of our new platforms, tools and learning resources.

Click on the link to find out more and register for the sessions. 

Time Title + Link Speaker
8-9 am & 2-3 pm Getting the most out of your course online – feature, function, new tools for teaching and learning online (Online teaching and learning) Roy Bennett
9-10 am & 3-4 pm Connecting, simplifying and enhancing the assessment process online (Assessment) Cath Stuart
10-11 am How to prepare your test takers online (Assessment) James Warwick, Richelle Zakrzewski
11 am-12 pm The future is now: optimising online teaching and learning (Primary) Nick Perkins
4-5 pm Feedback that fuels learning in an online environment (Professional Development) Gina Pontrelli, Stacey Roberts
5-6 pm Successful online teaching techniques for adults (General English) Ken Beatty


Day 4: Assessment (Tuesday 17 November) 

We’ll start the second week of the autumn webinar series by focusing on assessment. 

Assessment is a key element of any English language student’s journey. But how can educators select the right assessment for students’ setting, age and stage?

These webinars will guide you through to different options and help you evaluate what’s best for you and your learners.

Click on the link to find out more and register for the sessions. 

Time Title + Link Speaker
9-10 am Test preparation: how to use courseware to prepare effectively for 4 skills tests Jo Sale
10-11 am & 3-4 pm How to choose the right assessments along the journey to proficiency Nick Laul
11 am-12 pm & 2-3 pm Breaking protocol: The new realities of assessment with social distancing Andrew Khan
12-1 pm Preparing test takers for success with preparation resources for every learning style Dominic Vadgama, Jo Sale
5-6 pm Creating a solid base for assessment: Best practices for creating and using scoring rubrics in your classroom and in testing Bill Bonk

Day 5: Mental health and wellbeing (Wednesday 18 November) 

The demands and disruptions we have all experienced recently have brought mental health issues to the forefront. In order to provide support, we’ve put together a group of experts to explore techniques and ideas to use at home and in class to help improve the wellbeing of you and your students. 

Click on the link to find out more and register for the sessions. 

Time Title + Link Speaker
8-9 am Reading for pleasure to enhance wellbeing (Parents with children) Donatella Fitzgerald
9-10 am Techniques to help students overcome anxiety in speaking exams (Secondary/Adult) Dan Shepherd
10-11 am Planning, prioritising, organisational skills for keeping on top of things Rachael Roberts
11 am-12 pm Mindfulness (General English) Amy Malloy
2-3 pm Building and nurturing creativity  Laura Vazquez
3-4 pm Reading for pleasure to enhance wellbeing (Secondary/Teens) Donatella Fitzgerald
4-5 pm Interview anxiety – how to best prepare for online interviews in English  


Elizabeth Moore

Day 6: Building confidence (Thursday 19 November)

The final day of our autumn webinar series will focus on helping you feel more confident when teaching English. 

We’ll explore how we can adapt and feel ready for new ways of teaching, new assessments, new courses and using new tools. 

Click on the link to find out more and register for the sessions. 

Time Title + Link Speaker
8-9 am Building confidence in PTE Academic: adapting from IELTS (Assessment) Melanie Drake, Derya Uysal
9-10 am Feeling confident teaching using a flipped learning model (General English) Ollie Wood
10-11 am Six ways to get your teenage students ready to speak and give them the confidence to do it (Secondary) Sue Kay
11 am-12 pm ESAP – A framework for teaching online, how it works in practice (General English) Magda Kania
12-1 pm Get ready to teach speaking and receptive skills online (General English) Damian Williams
2-3 pm Maximise your Lesson Planning with the Teacher Toolkit (General English) Autumn Westphal
3-4 pm Teaching STEAM? Techniques for teachers (Primary) Sarah Hillyard
4-5 pm Building learner confidence for PTE General (Assessment) Jane Bledsoe

Further information

Each participant will receive a personalized certificate of attendance once the session has finished and recordings will be posted online of each webinar so that you can revisit them or share them with your colleagues. There’s also a free goody bag for all attendees. 

Stay up-to-date with the latest news about our autumn webinar series.

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