Preparing students for PTE Academic: the new official practice app

PTE Academic practice App Launch Pearson English

When it comes to exam preparation, it can be an uphill battle to get your students enthused. But now you have another tool in your teaching toolkit! We’re excited to introduce our brand new official PTE Academic Practice App. It helps your students tackle the challenging exam and achieve the score they deserve. 

What is PTE Academic? 

PTE Academic is an exam taken by students all over the world to prove their English language skills. It’s accepted by more than 2000 universities, colleges and governments around the globe. The exam is graded by computer using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which means that you can be confident that the grading is accurate and completely unbiased. Thanks to the use of market-leading technology, the results are sent out very quickly – the vast majority of candidates receive their results within two days. PTE Academic can be taken at more than 295 test centers in over 50 countries.

But studying for an exam is not easy. To get the best results, it’s not enough to simply come to class. Hard work is also necessary at home. So, here are four ways our new PTE Academic Practice app will help your students prepare for success. 

1. A personalized study planner 

First, the app will ask you when you’re planning to sit the exam. It will use this information to create a personalized study plan with a countdown to the big day. Tailored to each student’s timeframe, the planner makes sure that everything that they need to revise is covered by the date of the exam. 

The planner takes the work out of time organization, so your students just need to work their way through the activities suggested by the app. 

Now there are no excuses for leaving everything to the last minute! 

2. Practice questions 

The practice questions on the app are interactive, giving instant scores and feedback on answers. If your students get something wrong, the app will show them the correct answer and suggest tips to help them do better the next time. The questions also come with a timer to make sure that they are working at the right pace. 

3. ‘How to improve’ guides 

Each guide gives detailed information about how to improve your exam scores, using examples to make sure the advice is clear. They cover all parts of the exam, and will help with useful exam techniques like inferring unknown vocabulary, speed reading and listening for gist to make sure your students do their very best on the day of the test.

4. Useful information

Another key feature of the app is the useful information it offers about the day of the exam. It tells students all about how the exam is scored, the type of questions they can expect, the way the exam is formatted and much more. You can rest assured they’ll feel fully prepared when they walk into the test center on exam day. 

Download the official practice app for free

PTE Academic App Launch Pearson English

Your students can download the app for iPhone and Android and start preparing for the exam today. And best of all, it’s completely free! 

For more information head over to the dedicated webpage, or check out our range of coursebooks, online and face-to-face courses and other resources to help your students achieve the score they need.

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