Introducing the Warm Up App for Pearson English International Certificate (PTE General)

PTE General Warm Up Appp

We’re proud to introduce Pearson English Warm Up, a new, free mobile app that’s designed specifically for students who are getting ready for Pearson English International Certificate (PTE General)

Your students can practice their skills on the go, when they have a few moments to spare, or use it for longer periods of revision at home. It’s the ultimate assistant for International Certificate preparation!

So how does it work? Here’s a quick overview of six of the app’s top features. 

1. Practice the four skills

Pearson English Warm Up app sample
Sharpens all four language skills

Pearson English Warm Up has Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking exercises that contain real questions from past tests. Not only will your students work on all of the skills (yes, even the ones they don’t like practicing), but they will also get used to answering authentic exam questions. 

When it comes to Speaking practice, the app prompts students to record their answers to questions. This means they can compare their speaking to a model answer afterwards.





2. Review student profiles and performance 

Track progress with Warm Up
Progress tracked in time and points

Each student creates their own, personalized profile on the app, which records everything they’ve been doing. Performance reviews show students a clear picture of their progress in each of the four skills as they work their way through the different practice activities for each level. 

They can keep track of what they’ve been doing, how much of each section they’ve completed and what they still have to do. It’s a perfect way to help students work on areas of weakness in class. 




3. Get key information about the exam 

Find out about the exam with Pearson English Warm up
Handy information on all aspects of the exam

Students can access a wealth of information on the app and really get to grips with the way the test works. They’ll find an overview of the structure and the content of the exam, the skills that are tested, and the way the exam is scored. 

It aims to answer any possible queries or doubts your students might have going into the exams. This means you don’t need to spend too much valuable class time explaining these details to your students. 





4. Power up revision with test tips and tricks

Find tips and tricks in the Warm Up app
Exam tips and tricks build even more confidence

The app offers a wide variety of practical tips and helpful advice. From how to get organized the day before the exam to laying out detailed timings for each level, students will be much more relaxed ahead of the test. There’s also some advice about things to be aware of on exam day, such as the rules around rough work and the items you can take into the exam room. 






5. Meet PAL, the chatbot 

In app chatbot
Instant, in-app assistance

Meet PAL, your students’ new chatbot assistant. If they have any other doubts, the chat function to help them quickly navigate the different resources of the app. It will give them quick links to practice activities, International Certificate information and hints for exam day. 







6. Swot up with extra practice 

Lots of resources Pearson English Warm Up app
Useful links to further practice resources

Once your students have worked their way through the practice activities on the app, there’s still a lot more for them to try out. The resource section on the app links to guides to each level of the International Certificate exam, practice tests, exam instructions, past papers, and blogs to help students revise and work on their exam strategies. 







Download the Pearson English Warm Up app for Android or Apple.

About International Certificate

International Certificate is a language assessment for learners of English. It is recognized by universities, employers and national education authorities in countries around the world as evidence of a required standard of English.

The test has a written paper and a spoken test, and assesses four skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. It tests communicative abilities, rather than test-taking skills. International Certificate covers six levels six levels of proficiency, and assesses and accredits general English language ability.

Find out more about the International Certifcate

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