Pearson English Teacher Award 2018: Get to know the winners

pearson english teacher award 2018 winners

Earlier in the year we announced the winners of the Pearson English Teacher Award 2018. Out of hundreds of inspiring entries, five fantastic teachers won the opportunity to attend either IATEFL in Brighton or TESOL in Chicago by sharing their love and passion for English language teaching with the world.

They each created a short video explaining how they know when their students are making progress and what they love about being an English teacher.

Watch the five winning entries here.

Today we are getting to know each of them a little better in these short video interviews.

Meet Ghazal Parsa, winner of Africa & the Middle East

Ghazal is an American national teaching young learners and teenagers in Tehran. Her parents are her biggest inspiration. When she was growing up they encouraged her to follow her heart and become a teacher and she hasn’t looked back since.

Watch her interview and listen to her top advice for teachers.


Meet Ksenia Immel, winner of Europe & Central Asia

Ksenia has 14 years experience teaching English in the Russian Republic. The most rewarding part of her job is being able to keep up with the latest trends and to have the opportunity to influence her students’ lives.  

Watch her interview and discover which ELT ‘Guru’ she admires most.


Meet Angel Gaytan, winner of North & Central America

Angel works with learners of all ages in a private language school in Mexico. His role model is his high school teacher who inspired him to get into English language teaching. His teacher was very kind and patient and really cared about his learners – something which Angel believes is important in the classroom.

Watch his interview and find out why he loves IATEFL.


Meet Leila Jauch, winner of South America

Leila loves her job teaching English in Brazil. She finds the contact she has with students extremely rewarding and she enjoys being able to help them achieve their dreams. She recommends visiting English-speaking countries and attending teacher development events such as IATEFL.

Watch her interview and learn what the first word her father taught her was.


Meet Noorjahan Sultan, winner of Asia & Oceania 

Noorjahan, an English teacher in Malaysia, finds rhyming an important part of English language teaching because it teaches several aspects of English at once, while allowing her to easily see when her students are making progress.

Watch her entry video and see how she teaches through rhyme.


We hope you enjoyed meeting the winners from 2018. Keep up to date with the Pearson English Teacher Award on our website and sign up to receive the latest news about the 2019 competition.

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