Pearson & BBC Live Classes: Using tech to create a global classroom

Pearson and BBC Live Classes

Last year, nearly 4,000 students from 30 countries took part in Pearson and BBC Live Classes. These are online lessons run for secondary students around the world. They offer a unique and motivating learning experience – and we’re pleased to say both students and teachers were inspired by this initiative. Today we’re excited to announce that we are bringing the classes back!

Join ten groups of students all taking part in an online English lesson, taught by an experienced English teacher. The lessons are based on Pearson materials and video footage from the BBC. They provide opportunities to interact in English with people from all over the world. 

Registration is now open and available for the 2019/2020 schedule of classes. 

Who are the Pearson & BBC Live Classes for and how do they work?

The Pearson & BBC Live Classes are designed for learners aged between 9-19 years old and their teachers.

When students enter their international classroom, they’ll see English as a lingua franca in action, have an exciting opportunity to communicate with other students around the world and practice their English. It’s sure to be a memorable educational experience.

As a teacher, you’ll take part in an innovative learning method using BBC videos and see new teaching techniques first-hand. We hope you’ll be able to try them yourself.

This year we are offering 3 Key lessons and 2 Extra lessons, to cater for different students’ age, language level and interest. Each class has a few different scheduling options, so you can choose the session at the most convenient time for your individual schedule.

Before the Live Class, you’ll need to read through the lesson plan so you’re prepared for any difficulties your students might have. 

Your classroom will need technology that can support the format of the Live Classes. We recommend a strong internet connection and an interactive whiteboard or a television connected to a computer for the best results. But if you don’t have access to this, don’t worry. You can get the students to sit around a laptop or a desktop computer and they’ll still enjoy the novelty of the lesson.  

What level is the class?

There are three different classes available depending on your students’ level of English and age. The key lessons are based on our courses GoGetter, Wider World and Focus Second Edition, whereas the extra lessons are built around an interesting culture-related topic.  Each lesson features authentic BBC videos. 

Videos are an exciting element to a lesson for many students, as they are instantly engaging. It’s also very motivating for students to realize they can understand and get information from a real English documentary – not something created specifically for an ESL audience. There are also follow-up lessons available which use more authentic BBC videos. They encourage the students to share information with each other about their own countries for a truly international experience. 

Read more about the benefits of using video in class. 

How to sign up 

You can register for the classes online. Choose the lesson that is the most appropriate for your students, register them in the class, and then you’ll receive a confirmation email with further instructions. 

You’ll receive a lesson toolkit with a plan and worksheets which you can print out for your students to use. Because Live Classes is an international project, a maximum of two groups from the same country can join the class. This ensures that the lesson is as multicultural as possible. There’s also a private online community where students can connect with each other after the class. 

So what are you waiting for? Register your class today and prepare to give your students an exciting new educational experience!

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