Pearson and BBC Live Classes are back for 2020/2021!

Live Classes

Over the last three years, Pearson and BBC Live Classes have reached over 10,000 students, from nearly 700 schools, across 39 countries. 

You’ll be happy to read that this exciting international project is back for the 2020/2021 academic year – and we have a brand new program of classes run by our expert teacher trainers. 

The classes will bring together students from all over the world to participate in a live, online class together. Not only will the students learn and practice English, but they will also build connections that will inspire and motivate them in their future learning journeys.

So don’t miss out on the chance to take part in a unique learning opportunity!

This year, we’re also very pleased to tell you that the project has won the 2020 ELTons award for Innovation in Learner Resources.

How do Pearson and BBC Live Classes work? 

If you sign your class up for a live class, your students will take part in a remote lesson along with up to 9 other groups from across the globe. It will be led by one of our teacher trainers who will use engaging learning materials from a Pearson course and authentic videos from the BBC.

Each session is scheduled to accommodate different time zones across the world. The classes will be as interactive as possible and are designed to encourage your students to collaborate and share their experiences with the students from the other classes. 

After the class, your students will have the chance to join our Facebook community. This will let them maintain the connections they’ve made and keep on using English with their peers from around the world. 

What are Pearson and BBC Live Classes about? 

The classes are tailored for seven different levels, across five different age groups, so you can be sure your students will make the most of the classes. This year, the Live Class topics will cover: 

  • Festivals around the World
  • The Future of Transport 
  • Sports in the Lake District 
  • Adventures of a Lifetime 
  • Street Art 
  • Young Entrepreneurs 
  • The High Cost of a University Education 

These tried-and-tested lessons are fun, engaging and great for getting teenagers talking! 

The benefits for teachers and students

Pearson and BBC Live Classes offer a fantastic opportunity for students to take part in a memorable and exciting learning experience. At the end, they’ll also receive a certificate for participation. 

And don’t forget, it’s a good learning opportunity for teachers too! In a year with lots of remote learning, you’ll have the chance to observe another online class in action. We’re sure you’ll be able to pick up lots of teaching ideas and tips. You’ll also build relationships with other groups of English learners, and participate in a unique, international project! 

Still online? Big Live Lessons are just for you! 

New for 2020/2021 we’ll also be offering Big Live Lessons for individual students who are unable to attend their English classes in person. From the safety of their homes, learners will be able to join a webinar version of our live classes, where they’ll be able to interact with hundreds of other students around the world who are also learning online. 

How to sign up 

There are three simple steps to enrolling in a Pearson and BBC Live Class or Big Live Lesson

Teachers are asked to:

  1. Choose the best lesson for the group, keeping in mind your students’ age and level. 
  2. Register the class.  
  3. Follow the instructions that you will receive in the confirmation email.

Register now! 

Want to know more about what to expect before signing up? You’ll be able to meet the trainers and see lesson previews on the Pearson and BBC Live Classes homepage.

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