An outstanding English teacher who deserves an award?


Technology is playing an increasingly important role for teachers and learners, both in and outside the classroom. Have you developed an innovative solution for your classroom? Or do you know a teacher that you would like to celebrate for having a positive impact on English learners? If so, enter or nominate a colleague for the Pearson ELT Teacher Award today!

You may have used technology or digital tools in unique ways or re-invented traditional tasks. Or maybe a teacher you know has some great ideas that are not only unique but have improved learner engagement, motivation and success.

We have already received lots of fantastic entries from teachers and students across the globe, and here are just a few stories and words of advice from some of them…

I have noticed that what happens at the start of class sets the tone for the whole lesson. So I start each lesson with a joke, or reading a funny article from the news, or watching a short video.

My early-teenage students find it difficult to speak on their own in class, so we recreate a popular music show each week. The students mimic and then perform as the singers, judges and hosts.

To make English conversation classes about family more meaningful, I ask students to show pictures of their family members from their cell/mobile phone. It’s nice to hear them asking each other “Who is that?” It also instils pride in their families.

I started an after-school club where students could do fun activities – cooking, watching films – all in English.

All the entries will be judged by our panel, which includes:

  • David Nunan, Professor Emeritus at the University of Hong Kong, President Emeritus at Anaheim University, California, and Professor in Education at the University of New South Wales. He has published more than 100 scholarly books and articles on teacher education, curriculum development, classroom-based research and the teaching of grammar in the communicative classroom.
  • Amar Kumar, Senior Vice President in the Office of the Chief Education Advisor at Pearson. Amar holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.
  • Melanie Butler, who first became editor of EL Gazette in 1987 and, apart from two years working for Pearson ELT in the 1990s when she worked as senior publisher for grammar, methodology and adult course books, has worked there ever since.

A winner from each region will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the IATEFL or TESOL conference in 2017 to learn, share and talk with other ELT teachers. Deadline for entries is 1 January 2017, so enter or nominate a teacher today!

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