What you need to know about Big English 2nd Edition

big english 2nd edition launch

Think Big! Dream Big!

After the success of the first edition of Big English we are pleased to announce the launch of Big English, 2nd Edition American English (AE).

Big English 2nd Edition is an intensive 6-level English Language Teaching (ELT) course for primary students aged 6–12. Bursting with over 5 hours of material a week, this new and improved course offers a curriculum that delivers comprehensive English language acquisition exercises, alongside Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and broader life skills. This fully comprehensive course is supported by unique online digital teacher and student resources.

The three educational pillars of the course are:

1. CLIL: New Content Connection and Culture Connection pages and Big TV. Developed to provide a new, innovative way of digitally delivering CLIL to students, Big TV consists of 52 videos that use content from different news outlets, to match the themes of the Content Connections pages.

2. Assessment for Learning (AfL): A refreshed approach to AfL with students and teachers given plenty of opportunities to review their progress in both the Student’s Book and the Workbook. There are also are range of pre-tests, practice tests, unit tests, mastery tests, final exams and materials for oral assessment available in the assessment pack.

3. 21st Century Skills: Are embedded throughout the course, help students develop essential skills for life, such as Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Digital Literacy. 21st Century Skills are signposted sections in the teaching notes. There is also a Think Big feature that appears 3-5 times each unit.

Visit the Big English website to find out more.

Who is it for?

Whether you teach in the public sector, a private school or a language centre, Big English could be just what you are looking for. The course is aimed at:

  • Teachers tutoring learners aged 6–12
  • Schools that teach over 5 hours of English per week
  • Teachers looking for an academically rigorous CLIL, AfL, 21st Century Skills and Blended Learning Primary ELT course
  • Teachers who need a Primary ELT course, which provides evidence of the progress a child makes every step of the way

What do teachers think?

We spoke to some teachers from V-Ron English and Field Education in China to find out what they had to say about Big English.

‘I think that the most helpful thing for kids is the 21st Century Skills embedded within Big English. It’s not easy to develop the children’s communication, collaboration and creativity ability. However we found that in the process of using Big English, children’s abilities in these areas improved. This course is not empty talk, it is effective.’

What’s new?

For those of you who are familiar with the first edition here are just some of the exciting new changes you can expect.

Extra-clear design: Big English has a fresh new look with a simplified design which helps learners to focus on content and the activities. There is also great new signposting to help teachers really get the most of all the Big components.

New digital offering: You will enjoy a completely new digital offering, which includes teacher digital resources with the Teacher Presentation Tool, and student digital resources with assignable interactive activities.

Big TV: Log in to the Teacher Online World to access Big TV and discover a new and engaging way to digitally deliver CLIL content to students.

New Starter Units: Also find new content, including welcome units that are designed to bridge any gaps between the levels. These serve as a quick review of the previous lessons, giving the pupils the foundations and confidence to start the next level.

Mapped to the Global Scale of English (GSE): Aligned to the CEFR, the GSE offers extra precision in measuring a student’s understanding and capability in their English language studies.  Now it’s easy to assess student performance and progress with GSE reading, listening, speaking and writing objectives at the start of every unit. The GSE assessment criteria has also been used to develop the teacher assessment pack.

Now it’s easy to assess student performance and progress with GSE reading, listening, speaking and writing objectives at the start of every unit.

Download a free sample right now to try out in your classroom.

Meet the authors

Big English 2nd Edition authors Mario Herrera and Christopher Sol Cruz have more than 30 years’ experience in ELT. They bring proven expertise to teachers all over the world and their knowledge and understanding of primary education is apparent throughout the levels.  

We asked Mario how Big English 2nd Edition is relevant to students in the 21st Century and he told us:

‘Students learn not just to use English to communicate, but also to express their opinions, collaborate with others, defend their points of view and present their ideas with full confidence!’

So, if you think your students would benefit from a comprehensive course full of great resources, engaging content and a focus on real-life skills, don’t hesitate to head over to the website, where you can download a free sample and get started today.

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