Poptropica English is a 6-level blended learning program, combining a suite of print materials (Student Books; Teacher’s Edition; Workbooks) for the classroom with a dynamic, child-centered Poptropica English World.

There’s no denying that the world of learning has evolved. While classroom based-learning used to be the only way for students to learn, in recent years technology has transformed learning opportunities too. Often, teachers, parents and students are looking more and more for digital programs. That’s because young learners have become digital natives. They’ve grown up with tablets, cellphones and computers. They’re always connected, in need of speed, highly collaborative and most importantly demand learning anytime and anywhere. And that need for instant learning is driving organizations like Pearson to develop fun and interactive learning programs like never before. That’s why we’ve just launched Poptropica English


Making learning English fun for young learners

Recently, Pearson  ELT released our newest Primary course, Poptropica English—a ground breaking blended learning course that makes English learning an exciting and engaging experience through stories, adventures and quests to keep children motivated and engaged. We kicked off the launch with a half-day even in Shanghai, China. Over 100 teachers gathered to hear from leading ELT experts like Professor David Nunan, series advisor who remarked that:

“If something is motivating, if something is engaging, if something is fun, then leaners engage even more effectively and they’re going to get much more pleasure from the learning process.”

For teachers, Poptropica English provides a sound pedagogical program, centered around traditional print components for the classroom as well as an in-class presentation tool for interactive whiteboards and enhanced by online resources. Using advanced data collection and analysis, it delivers excellent reporting for the teacher and the potential to create a personalised learning journey for the student, delivering results as well as engagement.

Poptropica English combines the rigor and efficacy of traditional print books, workbooks and assessment materials with new interactive activities to extend learning beyond the classroom and offer additional practice. The online world allows teachers to assign homework and see progress via a grading system. It also provides a means to send short messages to parents, making it easier for teachers to keep in touch with them regularly.  Watch this short video to learn more:

Thanks to all who attended and helped create the successful event! Contact Pearson ELT to learn more about Poptropica English.

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