Introducing the new Pearson English Podcast

Pearson English Podcast

Have you listened to the Pearson English podcast yet? At the end of last year we launched our new monthly ELT series, where our panel members chat to influential experts and educational innovators from around the world. Listeners have the opportunity to learn from their experiences, discover new teaching trends and get inspired by fellow teachers.

So what have the episodes covered so far? Who is presenting the podcast? And most importantly – where can you catch the latest episodes? 

Let’s find out!

Episode 1: Mindfulness 

In the first episode, of the Pearson English Podcast our panel speaks to Amy Malloy, founder of Oxford company No More Shoulds and mindfulness expert. Amy talks about how important it is to build up your capacity to practise mindfulness, and how that connects with your everyday teaching practice.

Mindfulness can be useful for our students, teaching them to engage with and focus on the present moment instead of feeling pressured to achieve a certain level of English. She takes a look at the science that shows how mindfulness can overcome exam stress and make students more receptive in lessons. 

Listen now on Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes. 

You can also read more about mindfulness on our new Experiences page

Episode 2: Dyslexia 

The second episode of the Pearson English Podcast is an interview with Martin Bloomfield, teacher trainer and SEN expert. He shares his experiences of education and his unique perspective as a learner with dyslexia. Next he tells us how dyslexia is defined and how it can impact on the lives of learners. He also offers some practical, easy-to-implement takeaways on how to make your classroom more accessible for neuro-diverse students. 

Listen now on Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes. 

You can also read more about dyslexia in the classroom in this interview with Martin: Dyslexia and ELT: how to help young learners in the classroom.

Episode 3: Mediation

What’s the connection between mediation and jazz? You’ll find out in the third episode of the Pearson English Podcast! It’s all about mediation. The act of interpreting an authentic material and expressing it in your own words, and working on new, connected ideas with other students. 

Tim Goodier, teacher trainer and educational consultant, talks to our panel about how to encourage your students to interrogate types of language and shift registers. Finally he gives some examples of classroom activities for mediating a text, mediating a concept and mediating communication. 

Listen now on Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes. 

You can also hear more of Tim’s top advice in this video interview: English for employability: What will jobs be like in the future?

Meet the panel

Our presents are language teaching experts and they know their stuff when it comes to English language learning.

Joanna, one of our presenters, studied English at university and went on to teach English as a foreign language for a few years before making the shift to educational marketing. When she’s not hard at work in the Pearson office, she enjoys baking, yoga and reading.

The second member of our panel is Patrick, an editor and content developer at Pearson. He has twelve years’ experience of teaching English. In his free time, Patrick enjoys traveling, cooking and reading

Sam, our third presenter, is also part of the Pearson content development team. Before that, he taught English as a foreign language for four years. In his free time, he enjoys arguing about grammar – who doesn’t? – and collecting retro video games.

Where to listen 

You can listen to all of the Pearson English Podcast episodes on our dedicated podcast page, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and a number of other streaming services. So, don’t forget to follow us and stay tuned for next month’s episode!

What other topics would you be interested in hearing about? Let us know and we’ll let the panel know. 

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