IATEFL 2019: Mapping out the path to success with Hugh Dellar and Damian Williams

Damian Williams and Hugh Dellar

IATEFL 2019, one of the ELT industry’s most prestigious events, is fast approaching. 

Taking place, from 2nd-5th April 2019 in Liverpool, it gathers English teachers from around the world. In anticipation of the conference, we are delighted to share with you some of the Pearson speakers on the program. Each one will be taking the stage to share their experience, research, and insight with attendees.

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Today, we’d like to introduce Hugh Dellar and Damian Williams. They will be talking about the importance of flexibility, personalization and clear goals in language learning for adults.

Hugh has over twenty-five years’ experience in ELT, he is the co-founder of Lexical Lab and co-author of the B1+ and B2+ levels of the new Pearson general English series, Roadmap. Damian is co-author of A1, A2 and A2+ of Roadmap and works as a Cambridge DELTA tutor and examiner.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, 4th April at 11:05am in Room 1a.

And now, let us give you an idea of what Hugh and Damien will talk about.

Mapping out the path to success

Learning English is a journey in which the final destination is to speak English confidently and fluently. However, adult learners have very different goals and reasons for embarking on that journey.

Different classes have differing needs, interests and abilities, as well as different starting points. Dealing with these is one of the key challenges teachers face.

So how do English teachers do that effectively? How can they ensure the learning journey is more of an exciting road trip than a grinding daily commute?

The right route for every learner

In this talk, Damian and Hugh will explore some ways of not only addressing this challenge but using it to your advantage as a teacher. They will show you how three key elements of effective course materials – flexibility, personalization and clear goals in every lesson – can help build learner confidence, and use Pearson’s new general English course for adults, Roadmap, to illustrate their talk.

Flexibility comes through a wide range of resources: these give learners opportunities to find new routes through the journey of language acquisition. The different paths available allow learners to develop their abilities at their own pace. Some learners may want to focus more on speaking, while others will want to develop other skills, depending on their needs.

Personalization is important to cater for different needs and interests. The speakers will show how Roadmap offers myriad opportunities for this. They’ll take you through the structure of each lesson, including space to develop and assimilate new language and the final communicative outcomes.

Finally, a journey isn’t a journey without a destination. Hugh and Damien will demonstrate how each lesson in Roadmap, with a clear goal based on the Global Scale of English (GSE), allows learners to measure tangible success along the way and develop a clear sense of their achievements, building their confidence as they travel.

Who should come to this talk?

Teachers with all levels of experience will benefit from this workshop. Especially those who have been doing the same thing or using the same material for a long time and are looking to inject something new and interesting into their teaching.

You will learn how Roadmap can be used in a highly flexible way, look at how the material facilitates personalization and explore the different ways the series helps teachers and students track progress.

Whichever route your learners take to get there, Roadmap provides them the direction they need. 

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