IATEFL 2019: Working with academic discourse for University Success with Larry Zwier

Larry Zwier

IATEFL 2019 is here! 

The last speaker we’d like to highlight is Larry Zwier, Associate Director for Curriculum and Instruction at the English Language Center at Michigan State University in East Lansing. He will be talking about English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and how to prepare learners for academic success.

His talk will take place on Thursday, 4 April at 12:05 pm in room 3a.

Here is why you should be there. 

Skills and scaffolds: Working with academic discourse for University Success

How do we give EAP students enough experience with realistic academic tasks in listening, reading, and writing? How do we scaffold these tasks so credible academic inputs are accessible to students even at levels below C1? These are some of the questions that this talk will cover to show you how to help students get ready for study at university.

University-bound English language learners will be entering a whole new academic community; they need to learn the language and expect to pursue academy study. This requires exposure to and practice with realistic academic inputs, including readings, multimedia texts, lectures, and discussions.

The talk will use examples from University Success which includes content from more than a dozen professors from Stanford University with advice on academic study.

Each of these experts personally delivers a realistic lecture, writes a 3000-word article about a cutting-edge topic, and offers writing hints in each of their academic disciplines. No other course for ESL/EFL students does so much to give students the skills to pursue academic study.

What will you learn?

You will get a brief sampling of genuine academic discourse (the kind of language used and produced in academic settings). You will see how these features appear in academic inputs that are accessible to students at different levels. Finally, attendees will take away some suggestions for texts that incorporate these features.

Who is this talk for?

Any teacher whose students aim to learn EAP will find the talk useful. Experienced EAP teachers will identify with the problems discussed, particularly the difficulty of finding inputs that really show academic discourse patterns. Novice teachers will sharpen their awareness of crucial academic discourse features.

You will walk away with fresh ideas for EAP instruction with the ultimate goal of preparing for University Success.

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