How do you know if your students are ready for their English exam?

Readiness Test

It’s not just students that suffer from exam day nerves. No matter how much preparation you’ve done with them, it can be hard to know if they are really ready to pass. 

You may find yourself asking yourself: 

  • Do my learners have the level of English they’ll need across all four language skills? 
  • What exactly do they need to improve to be ready for the exam?
  • What’s the most efficient use of my teaching time before the exam? 

These doubts can be amplified further when students are sitting an external exam like Pearson English International Certificate (PTE General)

So what’s the solution?

The Readiness Test: Available now for Schools & Institutions 

The Readiness Test is a new tool for schools, institutions and teachers, which helps everyone feel confident that their students are adequately prepared to take their International Certificate exam. After completion, you’ll receive a Student Readiness Report that provides a full, detailed summary of your students’ performance. It identifies the language skills that they need to work on and recommends activities to fill those gaps. You’ll also receive a Group Readiness Report showing how well-prepared your class is overall, where their skills gaps are and suggested areas to focus on before the big day. 

The Readiness Test will also be available for students to purchase directly from December 2020. 

A speedy solution

One of the main benefits for both teachers and students is how quick and easy the Readiness Test is to use. Students do the test online – even from the comfort of their home – and it only takes about an hour. What’s more, the automated marking technology means that their results are available instantly. 

Having clear insight into your students’ skills gaps allows you to make the most efficient and effective use of your teaching time. 

Results that are easy to understand

The results come in a clear ‘traffic light’ system with three options:

  • Ready (green) 
  • Potentially Ready (orange) 
  • Not Ready (red) 

As you can see in the example below, the student is on course to pass their Writing and has a good chance of passing Listening and Reading (but could do with some revision). At the same time, there is still work to do to improve their Speaking, before they go on to take the exam. 

Readiness Test summary

On top of this, you’ll also receive a detailed breakdown of their performance for each skill. For example, when it comes to the skill of listening in this report, you’ll receive a summary of the student’s capabilities: 

Listening score on the Readiness Test

Practical advice for teachers 

The Student Readiness Report also makes recommendations based on each student’s performance. You’ll be able to see which activities will push your student’s abilities and help them to progress to the level that they’ll need for their exam. For example: 

Recommended activities

As well as showing you exactly what your students need to focus on, the report helps you find the right materials for the job. It does this by mapping the results to a number of our courses and offering further study recommendations. Courses include; Gold Experience, Speak Out, Wider World, and Business Partner.

Course mapping in the Readiness Test

Alongside offering general recommended activities, the report will tell you exactly which pages of the book will help improve your student’s abilities in the relevant skill. See the example below: 

Example activities in Gold Experience

Group recommendations

If you’re testing a class, you’ll receive an additional Group Readiness Report. At a glance, you’ll see whether the class as a whole is ready to sit an exam. Here’s an example report:

Group summary the Readiness Test

It highlights who the strongest students in the group are and which students need more support. This will allow you to create some peer-to-peer learning opportunities:

Peer to peer learning

Then, similarly to the individual student report, you’ll receive a summary of your group’s abilities. It offers suggestions for general activities and specific course exercises to address skills gaps and push their progress. With all this support, you can be confident that they will succeed on exam day. 

Other resources

We recommend using the Readiness Test alongside other exam preparation resources, such as the new Warm Up! app. This fun, free tool allows your students to practice exam questions, earn badges and track their progress in their free time. 

If you’d like to find out more about using the Readiness Test, contact your local Pearson representative. And don’t forget to keep an eye on our website for the latest news.

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