Happy holiday lesson activities

holiday lesson plans

It’s the holiday season, and at Pearson we come bearing gifts!

For teachers, this special time of the year provides a terrific chance to present and practice vocabulary surrounding celebrations. To help you do this, we’ve wrapped up a bundle of three new festive activities that are all free to download and use with your students. Each one is aimed at high-intermediate to advanced adult learners.

Word Chains:

Our first gift to you is a Word Chains lesson. Here the goal is to find words or phrases in a word chain which can replace words or phrases in a short text about a family celebration. This activity is a great way to present and review idiomatic vocabulary and phrases connected to celebrations.

Celebration Word Chains lesson plan

Find Someone Who…:

The next offering is a seasonal Find Someone Who … lesson. Here students are given a checklist and asked to find other people in the class who have certain characteristics connected to Christmas and the holidays. This is a fun, interactive activity that could lead into a discussion of the different attitudes and traditions in your students’ countries.

Find Someone Who lesson plan

Holiday noun collocations:

A final new lesson is on holiday noun collocations. First, students complete a crossword with nouns to do with different holidays and celebrations. Then, they do a gap-fill activity with the same nouns, finding the correct collocation in a series of sentences about celebrations and the holidays in different parts of the world. This is a great opportunity to present key vocabulary within the context of worldwide celebrations.

Noun Collocations lesson plan

We had fun creating these lessons, and we hope you and your students enjoy putting them into practice.

Wherever you are in the world, from all of us at Pearson, we wish you very Happy Holidays!


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