A guide to Pearson & BBC Live Classes

Pearson and BBC Live Classes

After the enormous success of last year’s Pearson and BBC Live Classes, we’ve brought them back! Once again, students from all around the world have the chance to bring their English learning to life. 

The Live Classes project is a fantastic example of how technology can give learners a unique and exciting learning experience. In these classes, around ten groups of students from different countries come together in a global classroom to learn from and interact with one another.

Each class is designed for a different level and age group and is led by an experienced and enthusiastic English teacher. There are a number of dates available from December until May and the classes take place at various times during the day, making the project accessible to the widest number of students possible. 

Read on to discover the theme for each lesson and find out what you can expect from them.

Lesson A: London Zoo

Do your students love animals? If so, this lesson, might be for you! They’ll start the class by watching a short BBC video about London Zoo and discover some of the animals that live there. Then, they’ll learn lots of interesting new vocabulary which will help them talk to each other about their favorite animals. 

This class is suitable for:

  • Ages: 9 – 11
  • Level: A1 – A2

Who’s leading the lesson?

This Live Class is taught by Elizabeth Beer, an extremely creative teacher and experienced trainer. She has taught in countries all over the world, including Hong Kong, Spain and Vietnam. She particularly enjoys helping students to improve their speaking and listening skills, and she delivers classes with lots of energy!

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Lesson B: Do smartphones make you smarter?

Smartphones are everywhere! Whether your students like playing games, making their own videos or just chatting with their friends, we’re sure this will be an engaging – and extremely useful – lesson for them. During the class, students will learn some new vocabulary related to technology, watch a BBC video and have plenty of opportunities to speak up. It will be a truly global conversation!

This class is suitable for:

  • Ages: 12 – 16
  • Level: A2 – B1

Who’s leading the lesson?

Michael Brand has led Live Classes since the project began two years ago. He is especially interested in collaborative learning, creative ways of using videos and other technology in class. The theme of his Live Class this year fully reflects that.

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Lesson C: Where can we engage with nature and why is it important to do so?

Imagine staying in a sustainable hotel, deep in the cloud forests of Ecuador. The peace, quiet and beautiful surroundings would be breathtaking. Based on a BBC video about such a hotel, your students will learn lots of new vocabulary about travel and nature. They will then discuss their experiences of the natural world with each other and share insights from where they live. If your students want to travel the world one day, this is the lesson for them.

This class is suitable for: 

  • Ages: 16 – 19
  • Levels: B2 – B2+

Who’s leading the lesson?

This Live Class is taught by Daniel Brayshaw, who has been teaching English since 2001. He has taught students of every level and age. He has also written and co-authored student books and workbooks, so you can be sure his lesson will be fun and engaging! 

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Lesson D: Interesting places to visit in your country

How many of your students dream of visiting the Big Apple? Well now they can! In this Live Class they’ll watch a BBC video and be transported to New York City. They’ll explore some of New York’s iconic attractions, learn lots of new language, and then talk to each other about the most popular places to visit near where they live.

  • Ages: 9 – 15
  • Levels: B1

Who’s leading the lesson?

Rob Dean has been working in the English teaching industry for 25 years. In that time he’s worked as a teacher, a school director and a teacher trainer. He has a special interest in teaching with technology and using culture in his lessons. 

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Lesson E: Local food and markets

If your students are feeling hungry, this Live Class will be sure to make their stomachs rumble. The class is all about food culture in different countries and begins with a BBC video about street food in Mexico. Students will learn lots of helpful descriptive and metaphorical language to talk about their city’s cuisine. Later they’ll share their favorite dishes with the other students in the class. It’s a great opportunity for your students to learn more about the world and share their culture.

This class is suitable for: 

  • Ages: 16 – 19
  • Levels: B2+

Who’s leading the lesson?

This Live Class is taught by John Wolf who is leading the Live Classes for the second time as well. John has many years of experience teaching English and, recently, he’s specialized in teacher training all over the world. He loves looking for fresh and exciting ideas to help teachers and students achieve their language learning potential.

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Places are limited in each class, so sign up now to avoid missing out!

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