The GSE Teacher Toolkit: A fully searchable database to help raise standards


In 2014, we introduced the Global Scale of English (GSE): it is the culmination of a comprehensive academic research study in the English standards field, involving over 6,000 teachers from 50 countries. Measuring proficiency on a scale from 10 to 90, the GSE was developed in response to on-going issues with existing scales and provides new opportunities for a granular approach to progress. What’s more, the GSE is fully aligned to the Common European Framework.

The ecosystem of the GSE comprises four distinct parts to create an overall English learning ecosystem:


Access easily searchable, downloadable and free learning objectives

We have now released a new invaluable tool: The GSE Teacher Toolkit. It is a free, online database which houses all four sets of GSE Learning Objectives for adults learning general English, professional English, and academic English as well as young learners. The toolkit also includes GSE Grammar as well as 36,000 and 80,000 collocations that make up GSE Vocabulary. Learn more about the GSE Teacher Toolkit from Mike Mayor, Director of the Global Scale of English in the video below:

Thousands of teachers from around the world are already using it to save time and more accurately check levels, plan lessons, create classroom materials and report on the progress of their students. In a recent survey of over 200 teachers using the GSE Teacher Toolkit we found that 74% have used it to select appropriate vocabulary & grammar, 67% have used it to create supplementary materials and 66% have used it to plan lessons.

Only your imagination limits the practical applications of the GSE Teacher Toolkit

The GSE Teacher Toolkit promises to save valuable teacher time by quickly signposting what learning objectives, grammar and vocabulary students should be learning at each GSE level according to their age and learning needs. It can also be useful when planning a curriculum, lesson or assessment by checking exactly what students should be learning at each GSE/CEFR level. Have a look at the toolkit yourself or learn how others are reaping the benefits of the toolkit through our blog.

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