Gold Experience 2nd Edition: 8 levels & 8 exciting new features


We’re excited to introduce Gold Experience 2nd edition, a complete 8-level English language course for teenagers – with lots of new features. 

Progressing from A1 beginner to C1 advanced level, the course offers motivating content that builds up skills, confidence and overall language ability as teenage students head towards their Cambridge English exams.

Let’s take a look at the exciting new features in the Gold Experience 2nd edition series.

New Features for 2020 

Key features Gold Experience 2nd Edition1. Inspiring unit openers   

Gold Experience 2nd Edition offers engaging, thought-provoking unit openers. Its eye-catching lead-in photos, inspiring quotes and discussion questions get students to think about the unit theme and use their existing topic vocabulary.


2. Preparing teenagers for exam success

Key features Gold Experience 2nd Edition

Updated for the 2020 Cambridge English qualifications, Gold Experience 2nd edition provides lots of exposure to exam-style tasks. This means when it comes to exam day, learners will feel ready to take on the challenge. 



3. Pearson Practice English App for every student

Key features Gold Experience 2nd Edition

Extra language practice between classes can greatly improve a student’s understanding of language and their performance in English exams. Every student using Gold Experience 2nd edition can download the unique Pearson Practice App to their mobile device, giving them instant access to fun practice activities and full course audio and video material.



4. Digital resources for teachers in one place    

Gold Experience Key Features

If you’re using the Gold Experience 2nd edition, you have access to all the digital tools and materials you need all in one place: the Pearson English Portal.

This dynamic resource includes:

  • A presentation tool for front-of class presentations with easy navigation and whole-class games
  • Resources, which include teaching notes, grammar presentations, course audio and video, and expanded wordlists
  • An assessment package with an extensive range of test types and versions      
  • Online practice view with a full Learning Management System

5. Switch-on video lessons 

Key Features Gold Experience 2nd EditionThese new lessons, available in the Gold Experience 2nd edition, provide authentic video clips on a variety of engaging and thought-provoking topics. Each lesson follows a similar structure and finishes with a project that requires collaboration, research skills, critical thinking and a final output phase. The teacher’s notes include ways to help you extend these fun lessons even further.



6. Independent learning lessons

Gold Experience Key Features

This new feature, available in the Gold Experience 2nd edition, encourages students to take charge of their own learning and reflect on how they learn best and developing things they can do to improve. Activities ask students to consider various aspects of their English learning and how they can give better feedback to their peers. 



7. Authentic Video Content                                                          

Gold Experience Key FeaturesThe variety of video material in Gold Experience 2nd edition exposes teens to authentic language, authentic accents, real people and real issues. These include: Switch On Clips, Grammar Vox Pops and Speaking Test Videos. Students have access to this material out of the classroom too, through the course mobile app available for their phones.



8. Editable Grammar Presentations

Key Features Gold Experience

Teachers using Gold Experience 2nd edition have access to fully-editable PowerPoint Grammar presentations. These bring grammar to life and help you present grammar clearly, while saving valuable preparation time too! The presentation slides contain step-by-step walkthroughs of the grammar points taught in each lesson, covering the meaning/use of the language and how it is formed. These presentations end with a short practice task to check students have understood the key points.  


The only 8-level exam course for teenagers

 8 levels Gold Experience 2nd Edition

Gold Experience 2nd edition presents a complete 8-level course, taking teenage learners smoothly from A1 beginner up to C1 advanced level. With the exam-focused content being skilfully built into the motivating lesson flow, teenagers gradually build the language exam skills and confidence to succeed in the Cambridge exams, and in their future lives.


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We’ve also created lots of free resources to use with Gold Experience 2nd edition. Find out more! 

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