Five resources to help your students prepare for PTE Academic


Are you helping students prepare for their PTE Academic exam? Test preparation can be stressful for students, and even more so when they need to pass in order to attend university or college, or complete a visa application. The stakes are high, so it’s reassuring when you can share extra resources with your students to help them prepare in their own time. 

Here are five resources which will help your students feel thoroughly prepared on exam day. We’ve included how long each one should take – so your students can choose the best option to fit their schedule. 

1. PTE Academic Taster

Time required: 5-10 minutes

This short, five-question taster will give your students an insight into the kind of questions they’ll be expected to answer during the exam. There are five types of questions: 

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Reordering paragraphs
  • Multiple choice
  • Highlight incorrect words 
  • Select missing words 

Test takers will receive feedback on their answers, showing them how they scored and correcting any mistakes that they’ve made. It’s a good introduction to the test, allowing test takers to see the language level expected of them and some of the question types they will encounter in the exam. 

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2. Free online course

Time required: approximately one hour 

This preparation course is a good way for students to familiarise themselves with the exam. It gives them advice on how to attempt each question type that is included in the exam, and the chance to try these question types out for themselves. 

Each question type is explained in a short video, and the trial questions are based on authentic content, just like in the exam. The course also provides students with advice and strategies for tackling each type of question. It’s a great resource for students who need a bit of extra reassurance on their exam technique! 

Students can register for the course here

3. Official practice app 

Time required: 20-30 minutes/day 

The PTE Academic practice app is a great way for students to prepare for the test in spare moments, whether that’s on the bus, waiting in line or in the moments before class. They can have a go at some practice questions, even if they’re offline, receiving their scores instantly and getting feedback on their answers. 

The app also has some great features, including a personalized study planner which organises study activities in a way that makes sure students have covered everything in time for the exam. It also offers “how to improve” guides, which share useful exam techniques such as listening for gist and inferring unknown words. It’s available for Apple and Android

4. Scored practice tests

Time required: approximately 3 hours 

Finally, if your students are keen to get an idea of how they’ll perform in the exam, they can invest in a Scored Practice Test. The tests are timed and scored exactly like the real exam, so it’s a good way to prepare for exam day. They just need to make sure their computers are compatible with the test. 

There are a range of options available, from a set of 70 online sample questions to a test kit with three scored practice tests, so there’s something for all budgets. Your students can find full details of the different options on the webpage. Keep an eye out for a new practice test, being released on the 13th of August. 

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5. PTE Academic Handbook 

Time required: 45 minutes

The downloadable PDF of the exam handbook is an excellent free resource for students who are feeling apprehensive about what to expect when they go to sit the exam. It offers detailed information about how to book the test, what students are permitted to bring into the examination room, what to expect on the day of the test and a clear outline of the exam rules. It also explains when and how students will receive their scores, and how they can share these scores with their chosen institution.

Further resources

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