5 Activities for Grammar Day

world grammar day

To celebrate the 10th annual Grammar Day, we have five fun activities for you to use in the classroom.

Grammar Day is coming up on March 4th and it’s a day for linguists, teachers and students across the globe to celebrate their love of language!

While most students like learning weird and wonderful new vocabulary, it’s sometimes harder to get them enthused about new grammatical structures, but perhaps it shouldn’t be. Grammar is the glue that holds our words together; it helps us to communicate clearly and improves our understanding of how language works.

These five engaging grammar activities for 5 different levels will provide your students with communicative practice too. Each activity is designed to last 15–20 minutes and are suitable for teenage and adult learners alike. Along with each task you’ll find instructions and references to the Pearson Global Scale of English (GSE) Grammar Learning Objectives.  

A1: There is/There are

Our A1 students make sentences using There is / There are… in the Plurals Dice Game. It also provides phonological practice of some common regular and irregular plural forms. You’ll need to print a copy of the board for each group of four and provide dice and counters.

A1 download

A2: Past tense questions and answers

In this Class Survey activity, A2 students can practice asking questions and giving short answers in the past tense. There is a short handout to complete which also gives them space to write their own questions. They then do a whole-class activity and present their results to the group.

A2 download

B1: Know something about / know how to

We have another personalized topic for our B1 students, who look at the structures know something about and know how to. They first make predictions about what knowledge they think their classmates have and then check if their predictions were correct.

B1 download

B1+: Phrasal verb Tic-Tac-Toe

B1+ students can practice their phrasal verbs in this fun activity. Students play a game of tic-tac-toe as a class and then prepare their own definitions of phrasal verbs for another group.

B1+ download

B2+: Making predictions

The final activity is for B2+ students. In Future (im)Perfect Passive, students create predictions about what will have happened at various moments in the future and then discuss their ideas as a group.

B2+ download

Happy Grammar Day!

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