To this day, even as a native English speaker I look up its vs it’s when writing to ensure I’ve used the right word (shhh…don’t tell my boss). Learning English growing up, I used mnemonics (a small phrase or word that helps you remember things) to get me by when it came to homophones—the phrase “a piece of the pie” helped me differentiate between the words piece and peace while the phrase “she’s your principal” helped me distinguish the meanings between principal and principle (because a principal is your friend) and of course my favorite… “desserts is stressed spelled backwards”! Some homophones are easy to remember and yes, you can use mnemonics to improve recall but whether you’re a native speaker of English or not, English homophones can still be confusing!

Just how confusing? Well, we’ve already written about several English words that have similar spellings and different meanings and today, we have gathered a list of over 100 English homophones to test your skills. Take the English homophone quiz below and share your score to see how well you know your homophones!

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