#newsflash articles that show how English brings people together


Communication is the key to people connecting and building personal and professional relationships. Today, there are millions of people across the world with one thing in common – the English language. And it is this shared language that is bringing them together.

Here are just a few #newsflash articles that show how English brings people together. We hope you enjoy reading them…

Outreach programme helps build bridges

Students at St Stephen’s High School in Hickory, North Carolina are building bridges between the school and Hispanic families in the area. This article, on the Hickory Record website, explains how English has been the key to communication between everyone at workshops and family events. The programme is also helping Hispanic students to prepare for their future after high school. The Assistant Principal at the school says that using English has made everyone feel comfortable enough to attend.

Locals visit Mexican sister city

A budding city twinning relationship has seen two English teachers from the Almance-Burlington School System in the US visit Soledad in Mexico. The Times-News reports how the group tutored students at the Superior Technical Institute of San Luis Potosi, who need to learn English to be successful in the business world. While some students take English courses in high school, those courses often aren’t up to par, and the students don’t really begin learning English until their freshman year of college.

Young adults help Syrian mothers learn English

At a church in Fredericton, a group of young mothers are teaching Syrian mothers English at classes that they can also bring their young children to, reports the CBC News website. One of the teachers, Sarah Alston, says: “Most women don’t get to go to English class because they have small children,” she said. “Culturally, women are expected to stay home and take care of the kids. So if we provide the service where they could actually bring their kids, it takes a load off them and they can really focus on learning.”

Bridge club helps new migrants gain English skills

In New Zealand, Ayako Imahashi has a card game to thank for helping her learn English. This article by the Manukau Courier explains how she arrived in the country with little English language skills. Since then, she has flourished after joining the local bridge club. She’s made friends, participated in tournaments and even taught the game to other Japanese visitors. Ayako says that having conversations with her fellow players gave her the courage to expand her English vocabulary.

Rockwall County Reading For Adults holds annual pancake breakfast

In Texas, the Rockwall County Herald Banner reports how English learners have come together to hold a pancake breakfast and fundraiser. The organisation that holds it, Rockwall County Reading For Adults, teaches English at all levels. The aim is that the learners will be able to speak and understand enough English to go to the doctor, get a job, talk to their children’s teachers and apply for their citizenship.

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