Introducing English Benchmark: An innovative test for young learners

English Benchmark Pearson Assessment

A new tablet-based test for the next generation of young learners.

We are very excited to introduce you to English Benchmark – a new type of fun, stress-free English language assessment. Designed for the latest generation of young, technology-oriented learners from ages 6 to 13, the test is available for five different levels. Ranging from pre-A1 to B1+, there are three tests per level, each covering the key skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing (Level 1 doesn’t include writing).

It’s perfect for schools and teachers who want to reliably measure and track their students’ proficiency in English over time while minimizing time-consuming administration work.

So let’s take a closer look!

What makes English Benchmark unique?

English Benchmark truly is an assessment for the 21st Century. It automates the marking process through the use of artificial intelligence, advanced voice recognition and exam grading technology, which is recognized by governments and universities around the world.

The interactive test is taken on a tablet and results are typically available within an hour of submission. These results are easy for parents and teachers to understand and are provided as clearly laid out class and student reports. They also include a valuable analysis of a student’s strengths and recommendations for improvements. These specially designed reports can be printed and shared with parents and a variety of certificates of achievements are available for students of different ages.

Students love the way it looks with graphics and animations accompanying the intuitive interface. It offers a world-class user experience, changing the way young learners think about school tests.

English Benchmark Pearson Assessment

What’s more, by combining interactivity, an element of gamification and tablet-based assessment, the tests encourage candidates to complete each activity and show their full range of skills.

English Benchmark Pearson Assessment

The technology is cutting-edge, but so too are the assessment criteria. English Benchmark is aligned with the Global Scale of English (GSE) and the CEFR for easy reference. The test material will be relevant for your students, presenting a mix of familiar situations, and introducing them to both British and American accents.

You can read more about the GSE the Learning Objectives here.

Key benefits for schools, teachers, and students

  • Students come first in any classroom – and this assessment truly takes this into account. More than simply stress-free, it’s actually fun for students to use. This leads to a more natural performance that reflects their abilities.
  • It is an independently verified test that allows you to demonstrate the value of your teaching and can be administered in your own classrooms.
  • English Benchmark provides informative progress reports that show you how the entire class and individual students are performing over time. It also offers recommendations for each skill to help advise learning.
  • You are also provided with recommendations for next steps, including additional links to activities in Pearson courses such as Big English. These help you save time when planning future lessons and filling the learning gaps.

Integrated skills testing

English Benchmark Pearson Assessment

The four core language skills are tested throughout the assessment (except Level 1 which doesn’t include writing). Question types vary depending on the level and a single question may also test more than one skill e.g. listening and speaking.

Question types include:


During the tests, prompts are given, and students are asked to respond. Question types include: Listen and act, Answer the question, Speak in the situation and Repeat the sentence.


Students are tested on reading ability in a number of ways. Question types include: Pick the word you hear, Read the sentence and Read and act.


The assessment’s advanced voice recognition system means students will also be tested on speaking ability, without the need for an external examiner. Question types include: Listen and retell and Answer the question.


Students have to complete a number of different writing tasks during the test. Question types include: Complete the sentence, Finish the story, Write about the picture (open response) and Write the story (open response).

Please note that writing is not scored at Level 1.

English Benchmark level breakdown

English Benchmark Pearson Assessment

To find out more about English Benchmark and how you can use it with your students please visit the dedicated website or download the free student app on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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