How to engage students with video in the classroom

Using drama video with teens

Videos are a valuable resource for teachers. They are easy to digest, information-rich and best of all – fun and motivating, especially for teenagers. But introducing video to the classroom is not always straightforward. There are lots of things to think about when choosing the right content for your students. For example; is the language appropriate? Is it relevant to their interests? And does it help you meet the learning objectives of the class?

Below we’d like to share three teacher training videos, filmed with real students, that show you how you can bring culture, opinion and drama into the classroom using varied and engaging video content.

1. Bringing culture into the classroom with authentic video

In this first video, ELT expert Philip Warwick and teacher trainer Michael Brand introduce you to BBC Culture videos from Pearson’s Wider World lower secondary course. Using a live classroom demonstration, they’ll show you how to successfully integrate videos into your teaching.

The 12-minute video demonstrates how to prepare your students before watching a clip as well as how to carefully construct listening for gist questions, and how to manage pair and group work. You’ll also see how students share their own opinions in class, making the most out of the content.

2. Using video to bring real opinions into the classroom

This next video, which is also filmed with real students in a live classroom setting, will introduce you to the power of BBC Vox Pop videos – short clips of ordinary people sharing their opinions on camera. These authentic voices bring a fresh perspective and immediately give your students something to think about and engage with. They also present a variety of accents and nationalities to prove English be a lingua franca.

Philip Warwick and teacher trainer Brian Engquist will show you how to get the most out of these the Vox Pop videos, delivering a number of helpful tips and classroom management strategies.

3. Engaging students through fun content and drama

This third and final video is presented by Philip Warwick and teacher trainer Elena Merino. Together they use a live class demonstration to teach you how to bring drama into the classroom through videos from Wider World.

You’ll also discover interesting warm ups, important classroom strategies and professional advice.

Wider World brings knowledge, skills and experience into the classroom

Authentic video for teens

Wider World is a challenging course for teenagers designed with 21st century students in mind. Far more than just another textbook, it focuses on the way people communicate online, and how they access information and entertainment through mobiles, laptops and tablets.

It approaches language learning in an interactive way, helping students acquire the language at a deeper cognitive level. Learners taking this course will begin to see English as window to a wider world of knowledge, skills and experience.

In a unique collaboration between the world’s leading education company, and the world-famous and respected BBC, Wider World presents teenage learners with a stimulating mix of entertaining and engaging video content, and highly-effective language teaching.

Download a sample now and start preparing your learners for the real world!

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