How much do you know about English language teaching?


With an estimated 2 billion people in the world who are learning or want to learn English, there’s a growing demand for clarity about what best supports teacher effectiveness and learner success.

Of course, nothing is black and white in English language teaching (ELT). Combine that with our hyper-connected world of rapid technology and social change, and there is no definitive guide to what works well in every learning environment. That’s why Pearson has partnered with ELTjam, thought leaders in the ELT industry, to bring you Fact or Fiction. The report examines 10 of the biggest “truths” in ELT – you might just be amazed by what we dig up, debate and debunk with the help of leading experts.

Why not download Fact or Fiction now and take our quiz to see how much you learn about ELT…

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