The ELT Teacher Award is back for 2018!

pearson elt teacher award

Pearson are delighted to announce the second annual ELT Teacher Award is launching on 5th October (World Teacher Day). This exciting award celebrates excellence in English Language Teaching around the world.

The prize for all six winners is the chance to join their global teaching colleagues at one of two international ELT conferences, IATEFL (UK) or TESOL (USA). This prize will be awarded to five regional winners chosen by our panel of experts and one global teacher winner chosen by popular vote.

You can find more information about the competition here.

How to Enter:

This year, we are asking entrants to film a video of themselves (in two minutes or less) answering two questions:

Q1: How do you know when students are making progress in English?

Q2: What’s the best thing about being an English teacher?

Dates for your diary

5th October, 2017: Entries open
Entries open for our global teacher award, to celebrate World Teacher Day. Submit your own entry or share the news with colleagues!

31st December, 2017: Entries close
This is the last chance to submit your entry for the award.

8th January, 2018: People’s Choice voting begins
After submissions close, anyone can vote for their favourite entry.

24th January, 2018: Voting and judging ends
Voting for the People’s Choice and the professional judging will both be closed.

25th January, 2018: Winners announced
Don’t miss the announcement of the winners of our ELT Teacher Award.

March & April, 2018: IATEFL & TESOL
Our six winners will fly to either one of these international conferences to be immersed in the world of English language teaching.

Our 2017 winners

Last year’s winners are witness to the truly global nature of ELT and the spirit of dedication and innovation that drives the best of today’s ELT teachers.

Agnieska Bilska wowed the judges with her incredible energy and creative use of technology.

Koki Shimazu from Japan showed impressive determination in creating a network of camps to allow students to practice spoken English.

Moroccan teacher Imane Nejjar used Kagan structures in an original and highly effective way to deal with the problems of running a very large online course.

Ornella Valentinuz created a unique cultural exchange that brought English from the real world into the classroom for learners in a remote part of Argentina.

In the USA, Gabriela Cambiasso developed a blog that showcased particular aspects of creativity and autonomous learning to help motivate her students to engage with written English.

For Gabriela, winning the award was a communal affair! She said:

Winning the Pearson ELT Teaching Award was an amazing experience at many different levels. First, the recognition among colleagues and students was a reward in itself. When I saw the email with the news from Pearson, I was a little confused. I could not believe that I had won the award. Within hours, my mailbox was full of emails from ESL teachers and colleagues congratulating me on the award. It was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise that such a huge community of fellow teachers was recognizing my achievement together with Pearson.

At Pearson, we’re committed to rewarding dedication, creativity, and innovation. So, if you think you deserve to be recognized for the great work you’re doing, or if you know someone else who does, please let us know!

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