Developing functional language and communication skills with Business Partner

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A new eight-level course for business English students

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Business Partner, an innovative course for learners and professionals who want to communicate effectively in English.

It offers core business topics, real-life case studies, authentic videos, communication skills training, a variety of accents and a flexible, modular approach to language learning.

How is Business Partner different?

As many teachers are aware, soft skills are becoming an increasingly important part of business English teaching, as we covered in our recent article How to Bring Soft Skills into the Business English Classroom.

Business Partner focuses strongly on soft skills and business skills throughout all levels of the course. It also offers teachers the opportunity to recycle functional language and gives students all the practice they need through communicative projects, tasks and case studies.

The authentic video content features real-life business stories, providing information and key language relating to business topics. The dramatized videos of real work situations feature a range of accents and demonstrate dealing with professional challenges to help students develop communication skills, such as listening actively and influencing others.

Business Partner does not assume any knowledge of the workplace and is designed for students with no work experience. The course also provides teachers with many suggestions and alternative ways of using the material with learners who are already in work.

Unlike many other courses, Business Partner offers extensive writing practice. Each unit has a dedicated writing lesson and there are multiple opportunities for practice in every lesson.

Why you’ll love Business Partner

The task-based communicative approach allows students to practice language and skills through realistic guided projects.

Students learn useful business and functional language and work on their key reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, and pronunciation skills.

Business Partner gives learners the confidence to start working in an international English-speaking environment.

Some of the key highlights of the course include:

1. Communication skills training program

Strong communication skills are highly sought-after in business. This training program uses video to help students develop a greater awareness of workplace communication challenges and understand different communication styles. It also provides practical strategies for dealing with a breakdown in communication at work.

2. Practical training in functional business skills

With a focus on professional English, these practical lessons are ideal for students who want to improve their business skills, such as negotiation and presentation, while building their language skills at the same time.

3. Authentic videos with expert commentary

Covering a variety of important themes, these videos are designed to motivate students with real-life business case studies, including topics such as branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, working abroad, and more.

4. Articles from the Financial Times

Articles from the Financial Times provide authentic reading practice and spark discussions on important issues that students care about.

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A personalized approach to business English

Business Partner is a modular course that allows teachers to pick and choose lessons to suit their students’ needs. While units are linked by theme, each lesson stands alone and can be taught independently.

Additional resources such as the Reading Bank, Writing Bank and Functional Language Bank provide extra support and practice. Teachers can also dip into the range of extra activities, which extend lessons and add variety to classes.

Self-evaluation and progress checks

Students are always keen to see their progress. The Lesson Outcome section at the beginning of each lesson makes the class objective clear and the Self-Assessment section at the end makes it easy for them to reflect on this.

Business Partner is aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE) Learning Objectives for Professional English, which means that each lesson has been written based on a number of key Learning Objectives for vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and speaking.

Self-assessment allows students to evaluate their achievements against the GSE Learning Objectives and reflect on their own progress to get a better sense of achievement.

Business Partner components:


  • Coursebook with Digital resources
  • Coursebook with MyEnglishLab
  • Workbook


  • Teacher’s Book
  • ActiveTeach

For more information about Business Partner, visit the website or contact a local sales representative to order a sample.

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