Connectivity: A new English course for confident communicators

3 university age POCs sitting in the library working on a project together. They seem to be having a nice time together and look happy.

This school year we are bringing teachers an exciting new way to help students develop their communication skills. We’re launching Connectivity– a six-level (A1-C1) General English course book series for young adult and adult learners. It’s co-written by Joan Saslow and  Allen Ascher, the award-winning authors of Top Notch and Summit 

Connectivity is based on the same  successful methodology that gets results through repetition, reinforcement and recycling. Not only does it make learning English as a second language unforgettable, but it helps your students become confident, connected communicators. 

Why is Connectivity such an engaging course? 

Connectivity focuses on communication skills and is packed full of lessons centered on  achieving specific learning goals.  

Right from the start, students get the chance to practice speaking in real-world scenarios, and learn colloquial language and develop their soft skills along the way. 

They can apply their new-found competencies directly in authentic contexts. They’ll feel comfortable speaking in English in many situations; studying at university, traveling, or living and working in an English-speaking country.  

Designed with multiple formats to recycle language, the course ensures that students have many ways to practice. For example, controlled discussion and role-plays build learner confidence before they take their new skills out of the classroom setting. 

How will the new Connectivity course engage my students? 

No matter what level they’re at, students need topics and tasks that are relevant and engaging. With Connectivity, they’ll be constantly role-playing scenes that they’ll encounter while working, traveling, studying or living abroad.  

Real-world language 

Students studying abroad will be eager to build a social circle and find themselves needing to make small talk. Being able to make plans or talk about their daily activities is a must and readily applicable to beginners.  

The Communication Activator sections of each unit feature one-of-a-kind social Language boxes. These prompt students with colloquial phrases and expressions that they will cross paths with in everyday situations. What better way to strengthen the link between English class and their lives? 

What’s more, differentiating itself from other courses, Connectivity emphasizes providing students with authentic language chunks that will help their speech sound and feel more natural.  

Engaging video content 

Rather than limiting videos only to higher level students, Connectivity provides all levels with the chance to watch videos in English.  

Even lower levels will appreciate watching Connect TV, a captivating sitcom. As learners watch the development of characters in different scenarios, they’ll come to understand how conversation flows in a natural way. They’ll also see everyday language in use and see their own progress as their vocabulary and listening comprehension improves. 

Interactive learning support materials  

To meet the needs of the modern student, this blended course offers the option of an interactive ebook with accompanying audio, video and additional activities. There is also a complementary online practice resource with instant feedback and gradebook, so students can track their progress and stay motivated.  

On top of this, there is a convenient option to learn on-the-go with the Pearson Practice English App. It’s perfect for filling a commute with more productive learning moments.  

What resources are available for teachers? 

Teachers of all levels from beginner to expert will be able to take advantage of our complete 6-level course with abundant ready-to-use materials.  

Lesson planner and Presentation Tool 

You’ll find a helpful lesson planner and easy-to-use classroom management Presentation Tool. These allow busy teachers to pick and choose appropriate materials and efficiently organize their classes.  

Coaching and conversation 

You and your students will  also love the supportive video program with coaching videos and conversation models. There’s even an enjoyable sitcom that will keep everyone engaged! 

Tracking learner progress 

Along with plenty of online practice activities, there’s a convenient Test Generator.  This offers a flexible way to create tests. You can easily adapt the question banks to suit your specific class needs, and even save time with an instant marking option. 

Cultural fluency

Connectivity’s cultural fluency syllabus activates new language to effectively prepare your students to use English no matter where they are. Don’t miss out on this occasion – be one of the first to bring the real world straight into your classroom! 

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Foundations, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 are available now! Watch for Levels 4 and 5 to come in September 2022. 

Find out more and check out some sample materials. 

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