Colour your world with Gold Experience 2nd Edition

Gold Experience Exam Preparation Pearson English

To celebrate the 2nd edition of our popular Gold Experience exam preparation course for teens, we want to share with you our colour your world resource packs. Each pack includes a colourful printable poster (in three different sizes), question cards and teacher notes. These resources can be used for speaking activities and interactive communication games to help keep your teens motivated and engaged. 

There is a new set available each month, which we started sharing in October 2019 and will continue until June 2020. 

Below you’ll find a link to download each of these resources and some ideas of how you can use them in your classroom.

Free resource packs

Whether you are using Gold Experience in class or not, the resource packs can be used to get your teens speaking English and having fun. Once you’ve downloaded and printed the poster and displayed it in your classroom there are many ways you can incorporate it into your lessons. 

Here are a few examples.

1. Vocabulary race

Classroom Poster Gold Experience Pearson EnglishStart a lesson by putting students into small teams. Give them a set amount of time (e.g. 1-3 minutes depending on age and level) to write a list (in English) of all the things in the classroom that also appear in the poster.

When the time is up, ask the teams to take turns reading one word from their list at a time. If all the other teams have the same word then everybody crosses it out and the next team reads a word. 

If there are teams that don’t have the word then every team who has it scores a point.

If no other team has the word (and the teacher agrees that it is in the poster), then the team who wrote it scores 5 points.



2. Memory game 

Classroom Poster Gold Experience Pearson EnglishThis is a fun way to get students brainstorming vocabulary before starting a new unit of work. 

Put students in pairs. Give them 60 seconds to look at the poster on the wall, then turn it over or cover it. Have students write down, in English, all the objects they remember seeing in the poster. Turn it back over and check how many they got right. Award them one point for each correct answer. The student with the most points wins. 

Bonus tip: when checking the vocabulary of the objects in the poster, take the opportunity to drill the pronunciation of all the new words. Learners are more likely to remember if they can both write and say the word. 



3. Question cards

 Gold Experience Question Cards Pearson English

Each resource pack also includes a set of question cards linked to the theme of the poster. 

Before using the cards it’s important to explain to the students what 21st Century skill the activity is focusing on. For example: communication, collaboration, critical thinking or creativity. This will affect the way the activity is run:

  • Generally, questions that ask for opinions, or are information-gap questions, help develop communication skills. 
  • Questions that encourage multiple responses are ideal for developing collaboration.
  • Tasks that require a solution are good for generating critical-thinking.
  • Open-ended questions are perfect for developing creativity.

You can also use the empty question cards to add your students’ own ideas that can complement each set.

Bonus tips

1. Use a flipped classroom model

The poster questions work best if you provide students with target language beforehand so they know what you expect them to use when answering. 

2. Focus on specific skills to be practiced

Think about your classroom management and about the medium used. For example, do you want the students write or speak? If they write, do you want them all to write or does one student take notes?

3. Arrange group and pair work

You could have the students working in closed pairs with the person next to them, or in open pairs where they work with one partner and then compare answers with another. Alternatively, get students to work in groups or even mix and mingle as they walk around the classroom.

4. Correlate the resources with your Gold Experience 2nd Edition course

If you are using the Gold Experience 2nd Edition course, you could use the poster questions both before you have covered the unit and then again afterwards. This will help you see whether the students’ ideas have changed and if their responses use more of the lexis connected to the unit topic.

Download the resource packs now

Gold Experience 2nd Edition – new features!

Gold Experience 2nd Edition Pearson English

As well as our special colour your world resource packs, the 2nd edition of our hugely popular Gold Experience teens course has lots of new features! These include exam tasks for the updated 2020 Cambridge Exams, a practice app for every student, editable grammar presentations and access to the Pearson English Portal. What’s more there are new inspiring openers at the beginning of each unit. 

Inspiring unit openers 

Gold Experience Unit Openers Pearson EnglishGold Experience 2nd Edition offers engaging, thought-provoking unit openers with an eye-catching lead-in photo, an inspiring quote, and discussion questions to get students to think about the unit theme and use their existing topic vocabulary.

Download a sample now! 


We hope you enjoy the new version of the Gold Experience course. Don’t forget to check the webpage each month for a new colour your world resource pack.

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