Celebrating innovation in ELT with the British Council ELTons Awards

ELTon Innovation Awards 2020

We are pleased to announce that Pearson English has received three nominations for the British Council ELTons Innovation Awards 2020

Out of 130 entries from over 40 countries worldwide, the Pearson and BBC Live Classes project has been nominated for Innovation in Learner Resources, the GSE Teacher Toolkit for Innovation in Teacher Resources, and Pearson Mexico’s pre-primary course Starfish for Local Innovation. 

The winners will be announced on Friday 2nd October 2020 at an award ceremony, which will either take place online or at an event in London. 

What are the ELTons Innovation Awards?

The British Council ELTon Innovation Awards, which have been running for 18 years, celebrate the brightest, best and the most innovative products, apps, platforms and courses in ELT. 

The award recognizes organisations, teams and individuals whose original approaches are helping to shape the future of English language teaching and learning. In 2020, there is also a strong focus on initiatives which center around community, inclusivity and sustainability. 

Teachers, trainers, publishers and other industry professionals will be watching closely to see the latest innovations. We’ll also see how new products and services can support and inspire English language learners and teachers around the world.

The ELTons’ panel of experts worked hard to select the best entries in the following categories:

  • Excellence in course innovation
  • Innovation in learner resources
  • Innovation in teacher resources
  • Digital innovation
  • Local innovation
  • Outstanding Achievement Award

Innovation in Learner Resources: Pearson & BBC Live Classes 

ELTon Innovation Awards 2020 Live Classes

Pearson and BBC Live Classes is an online project for secondary teachers and students. It creates a unique live and interactive learning environment in English for learners in classes all over the world. 

The project combines an online classroom and authentic resources with a culturally enriching learning experience. This transforms English from a school subject to an essential tool used to communicate with students from other countries and cultures. The Live Classes community is hosted in a safe and moderated environment in a closed Facebook group. 

Students have the chance to discuss ideas, share perspectives and compare their experiences with their peers from around the globe. This is motivating for teenage learners, who stay enthusiastic and engaged long after the lesson has finished.

Each Live Class brings together approximately 10 groups of students who can attend different lessons which take place from September until May. The project is free of charge, available upon prior registration and the classes are delivered by our expert teacher trainers

Find out more at english.com/liveclasses

Innovation in Teacher Resources: GSE Teacher Toolkit

ELTon Innovation Awards 2020 GSE

The Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit is a free online database that brings together learning objectives, grammar and vocabulary all in one place, helping take the guesswork out of student progress. 

The toolkit is mapped to the GSE and CEFR and allows teachers to easily search for appropriate content, adjust curricula and scaffold lessons. This helps identify any gaps and measure learner progress accurately – so you can deliver meaningful feedback. It also means educators and institutions can save time on admin and increase time for learner interaction. 

“Teachers are connected with the GSE Teacher Toolkit and …. Schools are provided with a reliable and convenient way to create effective, coherent plans of study between levels. Everyone wins!” Jerry Docarmo, President and CEO, Harvest English Institute. 

Find out more in our webinar with Mike Mayor or visit the website: www.english.com/gsetoolkit 

Local Innovation: Starfish

ELTon Innovation Awards 2020 Starfish

Starfish is a robust 3-level pre-school English course from our local team in Mexico. It guides learning through inquiry and is based on UNESCO’s 5 Pillars of Education. Flexibility is built into Starfish, with different pathways according to timetable options and a choice of components that can be adapted and personalised to class needs. With Starfish, students discover other cultures, explore children’s literature, develop sensitivity, initiative, imagination and creativity while at the same time developing social and emotional skills for life. 

Download a sample now! 

A big thanks to the British Council 

So far, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and we are extremely grateful to the British Council for hosting the event and are proud to receive three nominations for such a well-respected initiative. 

While language teaching professionals, schools, universities and students worldwide are facing difficult times it is wonderful to see those people and organizations finding new and original ways to support others and limit disruption to education.

Discover all the finalists for the ELTons Innovation Awards 2020. 

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