Business Partner webinars: language skills for success in the world of work

business partner webinars

The world of work has transformed dramatically over the last few years and technological change means that the pace of transformation is likely to increase. While the need for English as the language of communication in the workplace is well established and growing, alongside that is a growing need for soft skills that facilitate communication and build relationships.

Business Partner is a new course which promotes the development of effective language, and business and soft skills. It is co-authored by Margaret O’Keefe, an ESP university teacher and former Director of Studies, and Iwonna Dubicka, an English language coach who specialises in teaching business skills. Over October and November, they’ll be leading webinars that focus on the skills that learners need, linguistic and otherwise, to be successful in the workplace. They’ll also explore Business Partner and how to use it in class. 

In this series of webinars, you’ll learn about employability skills, teaching business English to students of lower levels, the soft skills you need for a successful career and how to make the most of your first class. 

1. What are employability skills?

Employers are looking for skills that go beyond academic qualifications and work experience. In this webinar, Margaret O’Keefe explores the main employability skills that are in high demand in many areas of work today.

When? This webinar took place on Tuesday 15th October. 

Watch the recording here. 

2. Becoming and staying employable in today’s workplace 

Finding and retaining a job in today’s workplace is tough. In this webinar, Iwonna Dubicka is focusing on how Business Partner helps learners develop their language skills in a business context, and develops their business and essential soft skills so that they become and stay employable.

When? This webinar took place on Tuesday 22nd October

Watch the recording here. 

3. How to teach business English at lower levels

Margaret O’Keefe is hosting this webinar, which offers insights into the tools and methods for helping lower-level English students develop their communication and language skills for work, with a focus on the materials and resources in Business Partner.

When? This webinar took place on Tuesday 29th October

Watch the recording here. 

4. First classes with Business Partner

The final webinar in the series is hosted by Iwonna Dubicka and focuses on the effective use of video in the classroom. It highlights key features of Business Partner focusing on first classes when practising listening and language in a business environment, as well as communication skills.

When? This webinar took place on Tuesday 5th November

Watch the recording here. 

Business Partner Webinars

Business Partner aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. It has eight levels and is suitable both for students with no work experience and more seasoned professionals. It is designed to allow students to make measurable progress in English while equipping them with a variety of practical business skills to make them more employable. Each level is written to a syllabus based on the Global Scale of English (GSE) Learning Objectives for Professional English to help learners evaluate their progress. It’s packed with authentic, up-to-date business content. 

The course was developed based on global market research. Its innovative, video-based training really sets it apart from more traditional business English courses. It includes both authentic video resources and dramatised videos which boost learners’ understanding and communication skills. 

Download a sample of Business Partner now or contact your local rep if you’d like more information on the course.

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