Building Teacher Confidence with the GSE Teacher Toolkit


The Global Scale of English (GSE) and the GSE Teacher Toolkit gives you the support needed to plan classes and design a curriculum that meets the learning needs of your students helping build teacher confidence. 

The GSE, which is useful for new and experienced teachers alike, provides a granular scale that breaks down what’s required within each CEFR level, helping you get to grips with what needs to be mastered across the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The GSE Teacher Toolkit is a free online resource that helps you pinpoint precisely which learning objectives need to be covered and also provides you with a database of searchable grammar and vocabulary resources across all levels.

As a result, you can confidently select the right content and objectives to build your course syllabus and save time and effort when it comes to diversifying learning materials for mixed-ability classes.

Boost teacher confidence and search for Learning Objectives with the GSE teacher toolkit
Searchable Learning Objectives in the GSE Teacher Toolkit to suit each learner type and level

There are over 2500 GSE Learning Objectives which can easily be broken down by learner type (academic, adult, professional or young learner) or skill (listening, reading, speaking or writing) helping you find exactly what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Boost teacher confidence by downloading grammar resources
Searchable Grammar points in the GSE Teacher Toolkit appropriate for each level with downloadable resources.

What’s more, there are downloadable resources to help support a particular area of focus, as well as audio files for speaking practice.

Boost teacher confidence by searching for level appropriate vocabulary
Boost your students speaking skills with these audio files in British and American English.


Recently, we talked to Autumn Westphal, Director of Teacher Training at Rennert School in New York. She told us how the introduction of the GSE’s Teacher Toolkit has benefitted her teachers-in-training.

By incorporating the GSE into her pre-service teacher training course, her teachers are becoming more familiar with what needs to be mastered at each stage of English proficiency. At the same time, they are not bound by a particular coursebook. This has given them more flexibility and boosted their confidence by having a freely accessible resource, which is available anytime, anywhere.

Being able to make decisions about what’s level appropriate for their students – without having to consult their tutors, helps them take ownership over what they are teaching and boosts teacher confidence says Autumn.

Furthermore, as the GSE underpins all of Pearson’s courseware as well as the Placement and Progress assessments, teachers can be confident that the materials they choose for teaching or assessment are aligned with what they’ve already been doing, helping to create a comprehensive and cohesive course.

About the Global Scale of English

The GSE Teacher toolkit helps boost Teacher Confidence

The Global Scale of English is a standardized, granular scale from 10 to 90, which measures English language proficiency. Unlike other frameworks, which describe attainment in wide bands, the Global Scale of English identifies what a learner can do at each point on the scale across speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. For instance, a person who has a speaking ability of 35 “can answer questions about what they do at work and in their free time”.

The scale is designed to motivate learners by demonstrating step-by-step progress in their language ability. Teachers can use their knowledge of their students’ Global Scale of English level to choose course material that is precisely matched to ability and learning goals.

The Global Scale of English serves as a standard against which English language courses and assessments worldwide can be benchmarked, offering a truly global and shared understanding of language proficiency levels.

To learn more about the GSE and the free resources within the GSE teacher toolkit visit the website.

You can also read about how the GSE has revolutionized the curriculum and improved teacher confidence at Rennert International in this informative case study.

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